What the Bishan otters can teach us

In Uncategorized on 16/04/2016 at 1:10 pm

I read in CNA a few weeks ago that Otters have become an increasingly common sight in Singapore in recent years, having been spotted in waterways in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Punggol Waterfront and Sungei Buloh. [Funny that there is no mention that otters have been spotted at MacRitchie Reservoir. Whatever, since the report, they’ve been spotted along the Kallang river]

The threatened native species is found in marine and freshwater habitats, thriving in mangroves, river mouths and natural shorelines.

Given the proximity of the areas where otters have been spotted, strange that the otters have not moved to Hougang and Aljunied, I mean Bedok Reservoir is the Aljunied GRC and it would be a good home for the otters.

Maybe the otters are really smart? Life is better in PAP-controlled areas. Otters know better than to move to Hougang ans Aljunied and then repenting. They know a substantial number of swing voters are really repenting they voted for the WP in Aljunied GRC in 2011.

The 9th Immortal must be smiling. DSC_0046

  1. nah, these otters are all “ft”/pr and so they are not able to vote in local elections. lol !

  2. Of course what. You don’t know meh?!?! The otters voted for animal lovers Louis Ng & Shanmugam. How to stray into oppo wards?!?!

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