HARD TRUTH that PM & sis must obey

In Political governance on 17/04/2016 at 1:12 pm

PM’s sister last Sunday posted on Facebook that her brother had “no qualms abusing his power to [have] a commemoration just one year after LKY died.”, going on, “If the power that be wants to establish a dynasty, LKY’s daughter will not allow LKY’s name to be sullied by a dishonorable son.”

He answered on Facebook hours later (after his sister’s remarks had been taken down) that,“The accusations are completely untrue.”

There the matter rests, at least publicly. But things are happening behind the scene it’s alleged.

Whatever, inaction and silence is not an option for the PM beyond the short-term. As the WSJ put it: The Prime Minister now faces an awkward decision of whether to take legal recourse against his sister, a former head of the National Neuroscience Institute, since clemency could be construed as favoritism. He and his father always maintained that libel lawsuits are necessary to protect the reputations of the country’s leaders.

A true blue local blogger put it in terms that any member of the PAP’s IB and TRELand’s cybernuts can understand: Yes. Dr Lee had taken down the offending post. But she hadn’t publicly recanted what she had said and apologised for making a baseless allegation. If we were to accept the logic that Roy Ngerng had to do alove [sic] those things so that public and international confidence in the integrity and character of our PM would not be affected, then PM MUST take legal action against his sister to clear his name. Otherwise, the public and international confidence in our PM would be shaken to its core!

Of course, some would say, don’t be silly. PM’s character and integrity both locally and internationally won’t suffer because of what Dr Lee said. That is effectively also saying that there wasn’t a compelling reason to take legal action against Roy Ngerng. A simple refutation of what he said would have sufficed.

So if PM doesn’t take legal action against his sister, there are two possible implications. First, public confidence, both locally and internationally, in the integrity and character of PM would suffer. Secondly, there is double standard – if you belong to the FamiLEE, you get free pass in some ways. If you aren’t, then out comes the hatchet… I mean… If it was Dr Chee and not Dr Lee who made that statement about abuse of power etc, I’m sure he would be staring at a letter from PM’s lawyers by now…

So. What will PM do? Will he vigorously defend his integrity and character?

Should PM Lee sue his sister?

Rumour has it that something is being worked out behind the scenes so that PM can in future sue to protect his reputation without questions being asked about, “Err why no sue sister? Membership got its privileges isit? Why liddatt?”

Whatever, Harry’s Law must be obeyed. His daughter herself said“Pa” was not anti free speech “For the cynics who complain that Pa restricted freedom of speech, you are wrong. If your statement is accurate, fine. If it is slander, l will have to defend my reputation in court.

A Hard Truth that has no exceptions or mitigating circumstances: sue to protect one’s reputation and integrity. Inaction means confirming the allegation.

Expect, if all goes according to plan, an apology from Dr Lee to her brother and a big donation to charity in lieu of damages. And if this doesn’t happen soon, expect a formal letter of demand from PM’s lawyers to his sister for an apology and damages.

Harry would expect no less. And so should me if remaining true to his principles are to have any meaning.

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  1. basically, wsj is anti-any-asian-country that is too friendly and chummy with china as wsj considers china as the biggest challenge to america’s dominant in the asia pacific. * hk is not a country and is usually not criticized by the wsj because wsj asia is based in hk and also hk has no personal income tax and very low corporate tax.

  2. Agree with your analysis on what is likely to happen to settle it. In fact I recently started following that ‘true blue Singaporean’ blog, and I commented that with the Roy case, PM should have only served a letter of demand, rather than asking for damages from the start. Then if Roy had complied, accept the apology and removal of blog posts, and avoid getting the damages. In this case, he would therefore be able to simply accept his sister’s removal of the blog post and ‘in house apology’, without being questioned why he’s not pursuing the case further.

    But I also made the following point. When Roy was being sued, we heard all sorts of reasons for activists, bloggers, and cybernuts on why the PM should not be reacting to an ‘ordinary citizen’, and on why defamation law should be consigned to the past. Now, the same people are clamouring for Lee Wei Ling to be sued, when for all purposes, she too is an ordinary citizen, albeit a white horse? My question to them is, is this a tit for tat response? If so, I understand. But if cybernuts are now using PAP principles to justify the suing of Lee Wei Ling, then well, are they not hypocrites for asking for this now, but choosing to defend Roy earlier?

  3. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

    The 50% white collar over entitled graduates who will never know how to fix their own house is a more pressing issue.

    This is just a petty squabble between family members.

    Reading too deep and focusing the minds and excess energies of the abled on such petty issues is shit stirring.

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