White Mare bites Chee

In Political governance on 02/05/2016 at 2:05 pm

Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt”:PAP

He haw. When Dr Chee talked of becoming a full-time MP; and of Murali going to office everyday and being a part-time MP when he would be going to Bukit Batok everyday if he won, I couldn’t help but laugh at his pretentious nonsense. I mean since when has Dr Chee worked full-time since his NUS days? (Now I speak as someone whose mentor said the last time I really worked was when I was studying law: I been skiving since then). And hasn’t he heard of multi-tasking? Or delegation?

So although I’m not a fan of White Mare Grace Fu, I tot this response appropriate in the light of Dr Chee’s comments and his history.


It would be good if Dr Chee got into parly. He would show the up the elected WP MPs. We’d get someone who aspires to be more than a highly paid social worker like Kate Spade Tin. But let’s face it, he’s not a typical S’porean.

Take his attitude towards his wife not working: Dr Chee is using his family life to show that he can relate to ordinary working S’poreans. Does not work: he has a  highly qualified wife who doesn’t go out to work, choosing instead to look after the kids and do the housework; and he is happy with this.


But if he were, he wouldn’t have spent the last 3-decades banging his head on a wall would he?  He’d be out trying to earn some serious money to pay for his penthouse and his BMW.








  1. I posted the following on another blog:

    “But ok, let’s just say I am wrong and lets not begrudge Dr Chee Soon Juan on his not finding a job. In fact, he gave a couple of reasons to justify it and why his time unemployed has been well spent.

    Now he told us, don’t judge him as an unemployed person. Judge what he has done to grow the SDP while not working full time. Alright. In the 2011 GE, the SDP contested 11 out of 87 seats and won none. In 2015, it contested 11 out of 89 seats and won none. Wow, not much growth there. And in the 4 years in between, high profile candidates like Vincent Wijeysingha, Tan Jee Say, Ang Yong Guan, as well as promising youngsters like Jarrod Luo have left the party, some parting ways on really bad terms. Dr Chee himself made a big screw up of the Punggol East BE with his “joint ticket” proposal to the WP. (Incidentally, I wonder why the PAP is not attacking this, rather than his other past indiscretions”.)

    Dr Chee Soon Juan also told us that the SDP has been hard at work putting forth policy papers on various national issues. Even if I do not agree with their policies, this is something I give them credit for, which is at least a lot better than the likes of RP, NSP, etc. Well then, I guess the whole of SDP must be unemployed, in order for them to work on these policies full time? Not at all! Dr Paul Tambyah, the one saving grace for Dr Chee’s recent tenure, is a full Professor at NUS since 2013, and was probably instrumental in crafting the SDP’s healthcare policy. Unless Dr Chee is saying that all his SDP colleagues are working full time, and he is the only one who is working at home crafting all these policy papers?

    So even if we do not pass personality judgement on Dr Chee’s not finding a job, how much has his time in unemployment been useful to the SDP and opposition politics as a whole? I think not as much. It has been useful for his personal redemption and image revamp, as he can all along play the jobless martyr victim card, drive his celebrity status, sell some books, and that’s about it.”

  2. So everybody is passing judgement on CSJ. Perhaps they are looking for Saint CSJ? Politics is a dirty business. The saint in politics is someone who can hide his dirty linen well without being caught.

    Everyone here is setting the standards for him and judging him on their own standards…. go get a job, be a nice guy in public, kiss the babies, etc. – but is it fair to him? Must he behave the way you want him to?

    Especially for the armchair critics I have this to say… moderate your expectations of those you are passing judgement on. Remember opposition politicians do not have the facilities that the PAP have and it is indeed an uphill climb for them to aspire to be in Parliament. Give them a chance.

    Remember JBJ? When he was elected into Parliament i forecast the beginning of the end for him – I was right. Apart from all the publicity; good or bad (mainly bad, according to the MSM), what did he gain? What was his intention to so persistently wanting to get into Parliament for? If you believe him, he wants to check on the PAP and also be a voice for the underprivileged and unrepresented in Parliament. I’m sure he wasn’t there for the allowance.

    I’m not passing judgement on CSJ and I’m not sure if collecting the monthly MP allowance is his intention, but I doubt it. As the naysayers knows if he wants the money he can always go overseas and get a proper teaching job on the same amount or more.

    So what I’m saying is this….don’t be too harsh with your comments – give the man a chance.

    • I accept your comments. It is not feasible to expect CSJ to have to align himself by PAP standards and resources.

      To clarify, I am judging him as an opposition candidate, not what he can do vs what a PAP MP can do.

      As for “Must he behave how you want him to?” Yes and No. Its a voting system. People vote for people who they identify with. And inevitably everyone judges him, as well as the PAP candidate, by their own standards, and eventually make their own decision. Its the real world. Chee Soon Juan does not need to conform exactly to a few “armchair critics”, but to win, he has to conform enough to the expectations of 50.1% people in Bukit Batok. That’s the reality.

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