Pinoys are Asians not transplanted Latins

In Uncategorized on 07/05/2016 at 6:02 am

Chart: Asia and Latin America gross savings as part of GDP

Pinoys hoping not to have to work overses.

  1. Well, my peenoi colleagues are always discussing about how many plots of land, how many shophouses they have bought to be rented out, how big their mansions are, and how many workers they are looking to hire to work on their farms back home. Guess their retirement ain’t gonna be a problem.

    The irony for Sinkies is although our gross savings hit almost 50% of GDP, majority of Sinkies cannot retire and need to work until drop dead. PAP is recognising this and exhorting Sinkies to work until die on the job, with the ever-increasing re-employment age, and the increasing CPF draw-down age.

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