Wah PAP that good meh, s/o JBJ?

In Uncategorized on 08/05/2016 at 4:34 am

S/o JBJ argued on Sarurday that the PAP wanted to lose in Bukit Batok

So if we agree that the PAP aren’t trying that hard to win are they actually trying to throw this election? Or at least are they not particularly concerned about the prospect of a CSJ victory on Saturday? I can think of a few cynical reasons why, although no-one in their right mind throws an election, it might suit them to lose this seat.

Are the PAP Deliberately Throwing This Election?

Well his so called weak PAP candidate (ang moh accented Indian don’t like to say good things about Indian with local accent isit?) whipped Dr Chee’s ass real hard.

So either the PAP couldn’t lose even if wanted to or s/o JBJ can’t analyse.

What do you think? Kee Chit those who think s/o JBJ is a spastic retard.

  1. lol

  2. When it comes to the topic of losing, we shouldn’t doubt him. Certainly few are as well versed in losing badly as he, even to the point of losing one’s deposit.

    I reckon he has some personal agenda in trying to big up Chee’s chances before the vote. Trying to say that by right, Chee should be doing much better.

  3. If the SDP had wanted to give the PAP a good run for their money, they’d have fielded Paul Tambyah.

  4. Your predictions on the outcomes for East Coast, Marine Parade and Aljuneid GRCs in the 2015 GE, and now the Bukit Batok by election were spot on. I read your blog regularly and particularly attended to your inputs for the aforesaid forecast: I am impressed by your depth of experiential knowledge, cogent reasoning and rational arguments therein. Thank you once again.

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