Should have shouted “I’m not a Muslim”?

In Uncategorized on 12/05/2016 at 2:43 pm

Or “Jesus died”? Or “I’m Siva the destroyer”? Or Buddhists can kill”? Or “I God am a healous God”?

The above tots crossed my mind when I read a BBC piece:

Many papers report on an apology issued by Greater Manchester Police after it staged an anti-terror drill in which a man playing the role of a suicide bomber shouted “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for “God is greater” – before “detonating” a dummy explosive belt.

But the decision to have a Muslim extremist as the fake terrorist sparked a social media storm, says the Daily Mail, “with critics complaining it was a stupid decision and accusing the police of fuelling Islamophobia”.

The Sun – which headlines the story “Ploddy Ridiculous” – says the force was accused of “bowing to political correctness” after Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan stated the chant “was unacceptable and said sorry to Muslims who complained”.

The anti-Islamophobia group, the Community Safety Forum, is quoted in the Times as saying “this sort of thing panders to stereotypes and further divides us”, adding that it would “increase anti-Muslim hate crime”.

The Daily Telegraph gives space in its leader column to what it believes are the issues raised by the story: “fear of saying anything at all on the topics of race, ethnicity and cultural difference is leaving us unable to address some of the major challenges of our time – extremism, terrorism and segregation.”

I mean who were the bombers in NY, London, Paris and Brussels? Any of these suicide bombers other than self-professed Muslim?

Who killed French cartoonists? People who profess any religion other than Islam?

Come on.

Whatever, the voters in London are pretty smart. By electing a Muslim mayor who was when he was a human rights lawyer. the go to lawyer for Muslims of extremist views. they may have calculated that they bought goodwill from Muslim extremists.

After all, pre 9/11 and the London bombing, the British had a dubious reputation for ignoring overseas terrorism. The intelligent and security services from Europe, the Gulf states and even the US believed that the British had a deal with Muslim extremists: so long as no violence was advocated (against the British), plotted (against British rargets) or happened on British soil, extremists were free to do what they liked in the UK. London was Londonisation.

This live-and-let live attitude can be traced bavk to the 19th century, when the Breitish allowed in political dessidents who fled Eutpean countries like France or Russia after rebellions were crushed. So long as these people didn’t cause trouble in the UK, they were safe from the authorities in their home countries.



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