AVA’s e-system sucks, really sucks

In Public Administration on 23/05/2016 at 1:55 pm

In March I received a letter from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority telling me one of my dog licences was expiring today. I put it aside planning to go to post officer nearer the date.

About two weeks ago, I took out the letter and found the usual forms were not attached. Seemed everything was to be done electronically.

When I went into the website, there was a notice telling people not to call the help-line because there were lots of calls. Better to email contact number and wait for a call. looks like there was a lot of problems.

I emailed the AVA asking what was happening on renewing licences. I got a prompt call back. The girl told me that so long as I had an i/c number to create an account and a credit card to use to pay no problem.

Well today I went into the system to create an account. At first things were easy. But then there were two problems

— Some of the address fields were not working so I could not type in my address in the prescribed format (Code got Buddhists taking day off, isit?).

— The form required an alternate contact. That would be my 90+ mum as we stay together. Problem is that the alternate contact must have a H/P number. Well my mum doesn’t have a H/P. Bet, I’ll be told to key in my H/P number twice

So I emailed AVA pointing out the problems I’m having. And posted this.

I’ll keep readers posted on this e-govt initiative.

FYI, I use Chrome browser and am still on XP, so let’s see if they blame the technical problems on these.

Update at 2.40pm: AVA is working today. I got a prompt reply which helped me create an account. As expected I was asked to use my H/P number for my mum’s contact number which really defeats the purpose of a second contact.

And I had double confirmation that there were problems in the address fields. They asked me to key in my postal code. Well I had done that first time, but nothing happened. Now my address appears. WTF!

I got into the system but there was no way to pay. Worse there was a misleading info. There was a note saying that I had received a second reminder earlier this month, Never did. WTF!

Update on 24 May qat 4.00 am. AVA’s response team is awesome. When I sent my second email, I got a phone call. The girl took me thru the payment process. Turned out to be my fault. I like using Chrome but because I have cataracts (Cannot yet be operated on: I’ll ask doctor on next visit whether if I were a private patient, not a SingHealth cheapskate, would I have had an operation by now?) I zoom to 175% for easy, speed reading. I should have reset it to 100% for the AVA site.

Actually Firefox is a better browser, But S’pore organisations are not Firefox friendly. I’ve filled up forms, press “Send” and get “technical error”. Turns out that the sites don’t do Firefox. .






  1. I can hear it. “I am sorry I can’t help you with the missing 2nd letter. Our records show it was mailed. Please check with your mail service provider.”
    Anecdotally, mails not being delivered into addressee’s mail box is frequent enough to be a concern (not that SingPost gives a shit – they’re obviously too busy with other things). I’ve had senders tell me their mails were returned stamped “Not at this address” or something to that effect (twice in last 2 months), and this past week, one letter was (again) put in someone else’s mail box!. Perhaps it’s a deliberate corporate strategy to discourage letter posting through unreliable service!

  2. Hey no worries man!!! Golden times ahead!!! Anyway sinkies fucking deserve the govt they fucking voted for. I don’t wanna hear anymore fucking complains!!!! Har har har!!!

  3. Seems like the authority is expecting everyone to have a HP
    What if a senior choose not to use a HP, can he/she still register?

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