Can employ FT drivers meh?

In Uncategorized on 24/05/2016 at 10:45 am

I know a FT (M’sian PR) married to local. He has a SME business. A few yrs ago he employed a local as a company car driver: the first time he employed a company driver. He was grumbling about how lazy the driver was: didn’t want to wash car etc. He claimed to have paid the going rate.

Recently, I learnt that he has since had two FT drivers. I was surprised as I didn’t realise that FTs could get the papers to be drivers. But apparently they can. And it’s not applying  the papers for another job and then switching jobs on the quiet.

Now here’s another interesting bit. The present driver is an Indian FT graduate. I mean if can get FT graduate to be driver, who wants a local boy with only vocational school skills? .

And the business is in the construction field. Tot FT supply restricted in this area?

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  2. malaysian men (especially those with SPR status) can never be trusted.

  3. Ehh CI, why not?!?!?! There are hundreds of bangla, ah neh, and cheena construction-types driving class 4 & 5 vehicles everyday on the roads (not just within construction sites) and many of these vehicles are lorries or large vans transporting workers.

    Btw, construction & marine industries are still given the highest allowable ratio for foreigners, otherwise Keppel, Sembcorp, CapitaLand, CDL will all have to close down tomorrow.

    As for Uni-educated driver — why not?!?!? He is getting much higher pay as chauffeur in S’pore than any entry-level or even mid-level degree-required job position back in India. The irony is that this indian driver will most likely be able to retire comfortably with bungalows & plantations back in his homeland, unlike most Sinkies sneering at this ahneh driver. 80+% of Sinkies will need to work until they drop dead & die.

    To understand this ahneh driver — imagine there are toilet cleaner jobs in a foreign country paying you $100K a month. You’ll find many Ivy League-educated Sinkies & MBAs all rushing to apply for the toilet cleaner jobs.

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