MU’s woes foreshadow S’pore’s woes post PAP

In Footie, Political governance on 24/05/2016 at 4:54 pm

José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix will according to a FT reader, based in his track record, do the following

year 1, build the team and squad that you want and get the players to bend to your will; year 2, win lots of trophies and years 3 or 4, move on. With the possible exception of Madrid, it’s worked every time.

I bet it won’t work for MU too. MU. like Barcelona, Bayern, Real and Milan, are in a different universe From Chelsea, Porto and Inter. The fotmer are clubs that have a history of success since year zero or thereabouts. Mourinho is a great manager of clubs with lesser traditions of success. Real shows he can’t manage the really great clubs.

Interestingly the FT just carried an interview with Munich-bound Carlo Ancelotti. He likes working in “family” footie clubs like Milan (where he won honours — Champions League, Serie A — as a player and manager) and Bayern. Surely that term fits MU?

I always tot he’d be good for MU.  But would MU be good for him? That I doubt because MU is rebuilding after a long period where one man dominated.

In MU. we can see what will happen to S’pore post PAP rule. A real hard slog for S’poreans with lots of trips down blind alleys, and lots of u-turns. And a lot of heart ache and loss of prosperity.

But keeping the status quo (i.e. PAP hegemony based on LKY’s Hard Truths as modified by the natural aristocrats to keep the S’porean rabble contented which is what is happening already what with the increases in spending of the rabble’s own money to keep them from voting for the Oppo) which Ferguson tried with Moysie is not a solution.

Everything has its shelf-life. Ask the USSR communist party or the US Republican Party. Even LKY expressed doubts that the PAP could like Old Man River keep on rolling.

He knows his history. The only party that has survived and thrived for centuries is the Conservative Party of the UK. It had been in power for long periods in the 19th and 20th centuries, and returned to government in 2010. It is successful partly because it had, time and time again, to reinvent itself or become irrelevant. Liberal democracy forced it to change. We know don’t we that the Hard Truths and liberal democracy are incompatible?


  1. Ask yourself CI why did the Conservative Party time and again reinvent itself? The answer is that the only Hard Truth in politics is there are no permanent Hard Truths and so be ruthless to change and survive. Holding onto Hard Truths and being gentle to the duds even if kaki lang, don’t bode well for the future.

    • The hereditary aristocrats realised long time ago that there is only one truth: “To remain in power one must be pragmatic”. It’s a lot of BS that PAP is pragmatic. It has plenty of neutoses eg casinos in S’pore. We should have had a couple in the 80s. And that surpluses are always good.

      • That’s why humans long ago such as Machiavelli or even Sun Tzu have penned down their realisations on paper many moons ago.
        Many PAPies know also, but are blinded by pride & ego (old fart is a good example).

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  3. You forgot to mention that the Labour Party also re-invent themselves when Blair’s was elected as their head, won the election and stayed there for more than a decade. That is also pragmatic politics

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