Long term, anything can happen

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The PAP administration likes to boast that the PAP’s hegemony in local politics  enables them to plan for the long-term.

Some three-and-a-half centuries ago the Dutch shook hands on what is possibly the most misguided trade deal in history. Pursuing a monopoly in the spice trade, Amsterdam agreed to take one small island in eastern Maluku province from the British in return for another small island in the US — Manhattan.

(FT I think)

But in the short-term the Dutch were right.

  1. Well, the Brits only held onto Manhattan for about 100 years until the US war of independence. During this time, Manhattan didn’t contribute much to the Brits. This was before the industrial revolution when Manhattan and much of the northeastern US became economic powerhouses.

    Whereas for the Dutch, the gain of Pulau Run cemented their monopoly of the lucrative spice trade for the next 200 years, until the Brits smuggled nutmeg trees to Malaya, Singapore & the British Caribbean islands. Even till the early 1900s, those Indo islands still produced good income for the Dutch.

  2. And the Dutch named that city New Amsterdam.

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