How to improve productivity

In Humour on 01/06/2016 at 4:48 pm

MoM should ban all employees from chatting about the weather, babies, holidays, or anything not wotk-related.

A rule was introduced banned staff from talking about anything not work-related. Sounds so PAPish but no,not in a S’pore co but in a UK local govt (think town council) office. Wonder if NTUC would object if a company introduced this rule?

From BBC Online

A rule introduced at the beginning of 2011 banned staff at Carlisle City Council from talking about anything not work-related.

If employees wanted to discuss the weather, holidays or babies (the three categories specified in the instructions), they were told to clock-out – so they would not be paid for time spent chatting.

An e-mail sent to 31 workers by two team leaders in the city’s benefits department also warned staff “to be aware of the reason why they are here, which is to work and not to treat the office as a day-to-day holiday camp”.

The GMB Union representative at the council, Ged Craig, said the message was “ridiculous and a disgrace – it is suggesting that if, for example, you are standing in a queue for the photocopier having a chat you should clock out.”

The e-mail went on to say that the way staff previously worked could not be sustained in the “current economic climate”.

Following the outrage of the staff and the involvement of the union, the rule was dropped.

Productivity improvement must be a KPI for NTUC leader, Kee Chui, so maybe he won’t pobject if S’porean cos implement this.

  1. Gone too far. Now regret.

  2. The last time I worked in Singapore – the kah kiahs are forever chatting about flipping private condos, COE prices, car prices and whether to have a massage before makan or makan before massage.

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