Bad time to be gay or Muslim/ Three cheers for the Humanist Society (S’pore)

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The murder in the early hours of June 12th of at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, apparently by a 29-year-old American-born Muslim wielding an assault rifle and handgun, was swiftly and loudly seized upon by political partisans as a vindication of everything that they already believe about Muslims, the fight against terrorism(Emphasis mine)

(Economist blog)

If one were gay, the following would be particularly chilling: His father, who is from Afghanistan, told NBC television that his son had recently seen two men kissing in Miami, and “got very angry”.

(Economist blog)

But spare a tot for Muslims in Western countries where Muslims are a minority: they face revenge attacks.

At the very least, there  wll be the need to once again show that they are the “good” Muslims: law-abiding members of society, not members of “radical Islam”. For a fan of El Cid like me, this means wearing white and coloured clothing and fighting alongside the other good guys against the black-robed bad guys.

Seriously, Normal Muslims should hold public rallies, write articles, appear on television, pressure their imams, and pressure regressive Islamic governments saying something to the effect of: “Not in my name! We don’t believe that this is what Islam is or should be. Islam should evolve to suit the pluralism and secularism of the modern world, and not the other way around.”

He goes on: Yet we never see this (though we see plenty of proactiveness in fighting “Islamophobia”*). All we see is denial that a problem even exists in Islam today. Even those who admit there is a problem always add numerous caveats about the Crusades and the IRA.

The reality must be met head-on by moderate Muslims.

This appeared sometime back in the FT in a heated debate on what Muslims are expected to do when jihadists kill non-Muslims.

The commenter ends: Yes, it is not “fair” that I am asking this of them. But the world is not fair, and moderate Muslims are the only people who can reform Islam. That is why we need to pressure them to do much more.

What do you think?

I’ll end on an unrelated matter Three cheers for the Humanist Society (S’pore) for this

I wish them well. I look forward to read their future articles.

* To be fair, sometimes, some Muslims push their luck, noisily demanding their “right” to do things that most other people feel is “wrong” like beating up wives who disobey their husbands or killing heretics or grooming white girls for sex.

  1. Its a simple solution. Not just involving Muslim moderates, but all Muslims; to live according the quran and hadth and sunna. Look into these and it says clearly ‘no killing of the innocent’. And under no conditions whatsoever is killing legitimated in God’s name. God is the judger of one’s action not man.

    What is needed is more Islamic education and not less. Many of these who blow themselves up and shoot others have very little understanding of the faith. I hope God will make it easy for all to learn about Islam and what it really means. Amin, Ramadan Kareem to all

  2. At the root of the problem is that certain holy books are homophobic. So, yes, I cheer for the Humanist Society and atheism as well.

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