Jason Chua investigated, so what?

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This doesn’t absolve the ELD from accusations of partisanship – why did it report only PAP-critical sites to the police? We know PA as a stat board is already partisan. If the civil service is part of the PAP’s election machinery, might as well abolish elections since the opposition can never win anything. It’s become the opposition vs taxpayers’ resources, including the taxpayers who support opposition.

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It got this reply  from a PAP apologist

ELD didn’t know there was such a site as FAP?
FAP is too insignificant to them, as Jason was not a politician???
Only when PPP fella alerted Police, then FAP was known to ELD?
Or maybe still unknown?
Questions, many.
Cannot speculation, because we not in ELD decision makers.

The reply was insightful:

Admittedly it’s a speculation but not an unjustified one. Hard to believe ELD doesn’t know about FAP since it has more likes than the other.

Yes, how come the ELD monitored and made complaints against two Oppo figures but not a pro-PAP Facebook page that is a lot more popular than the Oppo activists’ FB pages? An honest mistake? Fixing is not an unreasonable conclusion.

Mothership, the lavishly funded site (one of the funders is connected to Philip Yeo. Remember him?) spun that: The message appears to be clear enough: Regardless of political affiliation, you will be investigated by the authorities if you violate Cooling-Off Day rules … And it appears that the police will take action against such violations even if you are the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s biggest fan.

Well,  if the rules really apply to PAPpies, there wouldn’t have been a need for a member of the public (OK an Oppo activist) to have filed a police report, would there? The ELD should have been monitoring this site (given its reputation and reach) and filed a report with the police when it filed a report with the police against Roy, Teo and the Indian.

Mothership’s Martino Tan tried too hard to brown nose. He should have limited his comments to the police, and not try tPAP administration.

Btw, interesting that the writer from TISG the Indian didn’t have his phones or computers seized by the police? Why liddat given the treatment to the other three? They Chinese, he isn’t, isit? Indian Privilege at work isit?


In case you were visiting some other planet in the last one week

A police report has been lodged against the man behind the ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ Facebook page, for violating Cooling-Off Day rules, and investigations are “ongoing”, police can confirm.

The founder of the page, Jason Chua Chin Seng, took to his personal Facebook account on Friday (June 17) to detail how his personal electronic devices – a phone, an iPad, and two laptops – were seized from his home.

He also wrote on the ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ page that the two-hour “raid” on his home was preceded by a 3-hour interview at the Police Cantonment Complex on Friday.

The ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ page is followed by 85,000 people on Facebook, and is largely regarded as pro-PAP.

Mr Augustine Lee Zixu**, the organising secretary of the opposition People’s Power Party, said in a Youtube post on June 15 that he had made a police report on June 13.

According to Mr Lee, the page had breached the Cooling-Off Day rules with two posts – one asking people to vote for the People’s Action Party (PAP) by-election candidate Murali Pillai, and another criticising Mr Murali’s rival, the Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan.

These posts appear to have been deleted when Channel NewsAsia checked on June 18.


*One of these days I’ll blog that even the UK has problems with civil service impartiality when there is a change in the governing party after a party has been in power for about 10 years.

**Guy got kicked out twice from a FB group where I’m a member. He used foul language against someone who disagreed with him. He apologised, was reinstated, then swiftly kicked out again. A real nut case. But then Goh Meng Seng likes (attracts?) nuts: chairman of his party said on FB that Orlando killings a “hoax”. And remember GMS believes in UFOs.

But having slimed him, good that he took action while the ang moh tua kees shouted and then sat down and shut up: their usual stance as Amos Yee found to his cost. Power to those who don’t juz ralk cock, sing song, but do something. Even if they are nut cases.

  1. Hahaha, well ELD cannot plead ignorance of FAP coz there was another oppo activist who called up ELD and alerted it to the FAP case, but no action by ELD. Hence this oppo activist also made police report in addition to Augustine Lee.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that civil service will end up being partisan to the ruling party especially if the ruling party has been in power for many decades. After all, promotions, appointments, salary structure, bonuses, benefits, Work Instructions, SOPs, approved standards, approved behaviours are determined and set by the Cabinet and the ministers who are from the ruling party. And every civil servant’s ultimate boss is a minister belonging to the ruling party.

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