Brexit: The Truth/ British society more meritocratic than ours

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The Bullingdon Boys.
First they smashed up restaurants.
Now they break up countries.

Boris Johnson, George Osborne and Caneron were members of this rich boys’ club.

What I liked about this club is that the members paid for the possible damage they would cause before they got druken. A very civilised way of rioting.

More meritocratic than S’pore

John Prescott was a waiter who late became DPM in a  successful Labour govt. Got any DPM here that started off as waiter on a ship? Let alone a minister? There was another Labour minister, Alan Johnson, who was a postman. And the brains of Brexit, Michael Grove, Tory minister, a friend and ally of Cameron, was adopted by fish mrtchants. Any PAP minister liddat?

  1. from wikipedia – “Yesterday” is a song by English rock band the Beatles written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney) first released on the album Help! in the United Kingdom in August 1965.

  2. Kee Chiu will say he grew up sleeping on the floor in a 1-room HDB flat or something like that. Of course from 18 yrs old, he had a golden spoon stuffed into his mouth & money and other trivialities of daily living no longer bothered him.

    “Better Betterer Betterest” also came from a relatively humble family background. Also had his money problems solved at 18 yrs old thanks to PAP and an overseas SAF scholarship just like Kee Chiu.

    Brexit shiok man. Adding to my portfolio of dividend aristocrats & dividend achievers, which have become expensive over the last 3 years Luckily I sold off most of my S’pore condos in 2013 and put the money in those US stocks. Hope got more Brexits in near future. Maybe Gerxit, Franxit or Nexit. Plus maybe a 2-yr worldwide recession. Now that will be damn shiok!!!

  3. and I’m stuck with my depreciating hk condos !

  4. The CEO of one of our Sovereign Wealth Funds is the wife of the Prime Minister and she makes more that the Prime Minister, who is already the highest paid in the world. What can be more meritocratic than that?

  5. ATans,

    UK DPM is a figurehead, not a leader-in-waiting.

    UK Labour Party is really labour, even under Blair, Not like SDP.

  6. David Cameron, by resigning, has possibly checkmated the leaders of the Brexit campaign from the Tories. Who wants to be the one to invoke Article 50 to irreversibly take the UK out of EU with all the ramifications (inclusive the splitting of the UK) and work to be done?

    I reside here in the UK now in Swindon. I voted in but 55% here voted out.

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