Who u blaming P Ravi?

In Political governance on 01/07/2016 at 6:38 am

Put the blame where it should lie.

P (Politician?) Ravi posted the following tirade on Facebook:

1. Cars comes with a 10 year COE.
2. Most drivers have to buy season parking for lots at 2 different carparks (where they live and where they work).
3. Most carparks are sheltered ones. .
4. Season Parking for sheltered carparks from Dec 2016 is $110 – an increase of $20 per month.
$20 x 12 months = $240
$240 X 10 years = $2400
$2400 X 2 parking lots = $4,800

Based on his previous postings he seems to blame the PAP administration for the $20 incrase in carpark fees.

He should not play politics (He stood in GE2015 as a Chiams’ Party candidate*). Squeezing car owners in the DNA of the PAP and ministers have never made it a secret that they think the “little people” should not own cars. And S’poreans (including hom) lnow this.

He should blame the 70%** who voted for the PAP. And the Wankers’ Party, Mad Dog’s team and other Oppo parties and even himself for not making a better case on why S’poreans should have voted ExitPAP.

*As the editor of the Indian or TISG. as it likes to be known, he shouldn’t be a member of any political party. But has he left the Chiams’ Party? He and Ms Jeannette Chong were once tot to the successors of the Chiams. But sadly the Chiams don’t believe in renewal: only in sucking fresh blood?

**S/o JBJ was right to tell voters after GE 2015 not to complain. But why is he banging his head against a granite wall by remaining in politics? He really should move on. Can some medium channel JBJ’s spitit, to advise him to move on? JBJ’s memory doesn’t deserve to be tarnished by his son’s goofiness and antics.

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