Traingate: Only SGDaily asks the right question

In Infrastructure on 10/07/2016 at 4:42 am

And researched the answer.

Everyone else is talking cock and singing song. The Oppo parties, anti-PAP cyberwarriors and activists, allied websites and bloggers,  and other new media outlets are screaming their heads off over the cracks in PRC-made trains and the failure of SMRT, LTA and the transport ministry (MoT) to tell us about the cracks.

Can the critics answer the following questions:

Has anyone died as a result of the faulty trains?

Has anyone been injured?

And, has SMRT, LTA or the MoT lost money?

So why should the swing voter care?

There’s only one reason why the swing voters and all S’poreans should care about Traingate. But the usual suspects are too clueless to ask the question that will interest the swing voter. The usual suspects all own cars isit? Or they all unemployed isit? So no need to travel during rush hours?

Only SgDaily’s Joel Koh asks: What happens to service reliability and timings?

And better still, he did some research.

He writes: Remember that SMRT announced last year that it would be adding trains to shorten train service intervals. The current move to recall 26 trains removes 11 per cent from the current fleet’s capacity. Should we expect a corresponding decrease in service reliability and a lengthening of service timings?

This means longer waiting times and decreased passenger satisfaction. Perhaps in typical “only hear the good stuff” fashion, LTA has decided to keep mum about this to avoid making a bad situation even worse?

Yet it does get worse. The existing infrastructure may have to bear hidden additional costs because of this recall. With the reduced capacity, existing trains would have to make more trips, ferry more passengers and undergo more wear and tear during this period.

What would be disastrous is if the older trains also start to display similar issues or develop problems as a result of the need to meet this increased load, which could lead to more trains being taken out of service.


Shame on the Oppo parties, anti-PAP cyberwarriors and activists, allied websites and bloggers,  and other new media outlets for not asking this question, resulting in missing an open goal.

To be fair to TeamTRE, after their rant there was this throwaway line which ended the piece

With 26 trains out of service, MRT commuters might want to consider waking up a few hours earlier than usual or bunking in at the office to avoid being late for work as it sure as hell is going to be more crowded than ever.


Finally, a clarification. He wrote

This piece was inspired by Thoughts of a Cynical Investor. He asks why LTA did not mention how the train recalls will impact MRT train service timings.

Actually my question to SgDaily in an email was more general:

Do SMRT, LTA tell us how train services will be maintained as these trains are repaired.

Got any site, blogger asking?

Don’t see anything on above. LOL




  1. Spot on. This reminds me of my comment in which I said that the problem was that cybernuts dominate the airwaves, and that those that really ask the pertinent questions that majority of the voters care about are swamped under by all their noise and bluster.

    The end game for most commuters would likely be how it affects train reliability and safety, and also, if there will be additional costs.

    To play up the whole “secretive” transport of the trains out of Jurong Port thing show how little these cybernuts know about such work. In fact, to avoid traffic obstructions, this kind of movement is usually taking place at night.

    As for whether or not this should have been reported, this is subjective. You hear of consumer items like cars, phones, and even drugs taken off the sales shelf after defects are discovered often enough, but these trains have not even been put into service. It is like a production line that fails a batch at its final QC check, and decides to recall the entire lot in. Do they need to report every single such instance?

    In any case, probably that HK Factwire site was doing this not to slime LTA, but more of wanting to dish the dirt on PRC companies like Qingdao Sifang. I wonder what cybernut uncles like RedBean will say about this. Will he join in the bandwagon to bash the ordering of trains from his beloved PRC?

    • “In fact, to avoid traffic obstructions, this kind of movement is usually taking place at night” _- Well it seems that when the trains first came in they were tpted in broad daylight,

      “not even been put into service” huh? U sure? O saying that they in depot since 2011? Pls leh.

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