Typical S’porean response on freedom of speech

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The Economist recently had a long article on freedom of speech

It got this response from a Pakistani. But it could have been the response of a typical S’porean: “I support freedom of speech but must be responsible leh.”.

And what is responsible free speech?

“Must not offend my sensibilities.”

This is whar he wrote:

I agree wholeheartedly that freedom of speech needs to be protected. But one needs to differentiate between speech for the purpose of debate, or the discussion of uncomfortable ideas, and speech which is intended to insult or inflame passions. For example, Western societies permit caricatures of Prophet Muhammad under the guise of free speech, even though they insult a person revered by Muslims. There was even a special contest organised in the United States for such cartoons with a prize for “the most insulting”. I fail to see where the free debate that is supposed to separate the good ideas from the bad ones comes in. This is hate speech and needs to be curbed.

Islamabad, Pakistan

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh at the attitude of the writer. Is he that stupid that he doesn’t see the contradictions in what he says? Or is he just a hypocrite? Or os he just trying to be Jesuitical?

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