Chinese with Pinoy Muslim blood

In China on 18/07/2016 at 5:13 am

Sulu King Paduka Batara visited China to pay tribute to the emperor in 1417. This was not uncommon for SE Asian rulers of the time. The first sultan of Malacca, a refugee FT from S’pore (He was originally from Sumatra, came here and killed the ruler before fleeing to Malacca), did the same.

Paying tribute in the Chinese tradition was different from that practiced by the Romans and other Westerners. In the West, the weaker side paid up big time.

In the Chinese tradition, tribute was more of an exchange of gifts. While the emperor’s “power” was acknowledged through tribute, in return the emperor gave lavish gifts to show his power. For the Romans and other Westerners, the acceptance of tribute meant that the givers were not going to subject to pillage and plunder. That was the return gift.

Still think Chinese smarter than ang mohs? More civilised certainly.


He treated the trip as a holiday, bringing along both his wives.

Paduka died on his way home — in Dezhou City in Shandong province. The emperor gave the king a burial “as formal as for a Chinese king”: no other foreign king were given such an honour. The path to the king’s tomb is marked with the same features as those for Chinese royalty with stone tablets, royal monuments and sculptures. The tomb is preserved as a national historical monument.

Paduka’s two sons – Wenhali and Antulu –remained behind to tend to their father’s tomb. They married Chinese women.

Today, there are descendants of these two Filipino princes in China, with the family names Wen and An. 200 of them live in Dezhou City and close to 4,000 are scattered all over China.


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