Let Chippy emigrate

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He’s a long-tailed macaque,that most probably was a household pet until realeased into the wild.

Typical S’porean, unable to survive in the real world.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and the National Parks Board (NParks) are looking into the case of a monkey which a Singapore family wants to send to a UK sanctuary after expressing concerns about its ability to survive in the wild.

The long-tailed macaque, which has been named Chippy by the family, was befriended five and a half months ago by 70-year-old Normanton Park resident Madam Prema. She was going about her usual daily routine of feeding the fish and water fowl in a pond at Lower Kent Ridge Park when she saw the monkey sitting close to her “begging for bread”

If he remains here, the law is that it must be put down because there have been complaints about Chippy being a nuisance: “People throw sticks and stones at him, and they threaten to complain to the authorities, asking them to cull him”.

A family wants to help Chippy and found that only ang mohs were willing to help Chippy, SE Asians were not interested.

“We reached out first to the National Parks Board to find monkey sanctuaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand who would take Chippy,” she explained. “But we found out that only the proboscis monkey would be given sanctuary in Southeast Asia.”

“As a last resort, we approached a sanctuary in Wales, and they were willing to take Chippy in.”

Her family is willing to bear the full cost of sending the monkey to the UK, which could include costs like export permits, medical checks, crating, and freight. The total could reach about S$5,000 to S$6,000.

The article was written on 29 June and nothing has been heard from the authorities. Meanwhile the lady continues to feed Chippy, breaking the law in the process. Will the lady be prosecuted?

And if Chippy is given permission to emigrate, can the authorities also arrange to deport New Citizens Han Hui Hui and Jason Chua to that monkey sanctuary too? I’m sure S’poreans are willing to pay for them to be air freighted in cages out of S’pore.

With New Citizens like these two, S’pore is fast becoming a haven of FT monkeys.


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