Feeling sorry for yrself Young Democrats?

In Uncategorized on 23/07/2016 at 5:47 am

This guy is more unlucky than u.

Mr Unlucky: “Think you’ve got problems?” the Sun asks, as it tells the story of a 26-year-old man who has had cancer, a heart attack, meningitis, MRSA, paralysis, lost half his thumb and had his wife leave him for his best man. “He’s still smiling,” it reports.


U juz got Mad Dog as leader and the PAP as opponents.

  1. This is your blog so you can say what you like. But what is your fixation with “Mad dog” Chee? Is change needed ? Can the WP’s way be the only way. We can see how they have come to a cross-roads now. Mad Dog is his own man. He supports himself and family and runs a party that is well organized. He cannot be that incapable. He may not be an unscrupulous politician and thus may never hold office. But I do not see him as a worthless person. One can see he is motivated by his Christian faith, though he does not wear it on his sleeve. He believes he should point in the right direction and if the people see otherwise or want to hold their noses and vote PAP, then so be it. If nothing else he shows up the vanity and ugliness of people like GF, SA, CCS. And if you want to make fun of anyone, CCS is a much better subject. Chee does not draw millions from the public purse.

    • I jist don’t like that he single-handed destrpyed any hope of oppo building a parly base in the 90s with his civil disobedience antics. Only when he saw that the WP could win a GRC did ne switch tactics in 2007 or thereabouts.

      With two seats in parly, he squandered the opportunity of retaining those seats and building on them.

  2. WP’s way is still the best way forward in many aspects. The reason is simple. They are presenting an alternative to the PAP in the form of a TEAM, that comprises many individuals each contributing in their own way. Now, problem is, many in this team appear to not be doing what is expected of an opposition party, but that’s another issue. The main thing is that their approach to growing their power base and clout is still the most healthy.

    This is as opposed to other parties, which are not parties, but one man shows, including Chee’s SDP. They are all about personality and vanity projects, or, in the case of Chee, one man’s road to winning redemption and redress for himself.

    • Good point about teamwork. )))

      • Alex Au made a very good point in one of his blog posts before. He said that our government is one of cabinet system. This means there needs to be a group of people who are able to give and take with one another.

        Many cybernuts talk about overthrowing the PAP, and try to paint a very rosy picture of “opposition unity”. In reality its a bunch of Indian Chiefs whose only unity is when they sit down to divide the GRCs among themselves before each GE. It is still WP who has latched on to what a true “alternative team” really means. Again, how well they do it is subject to question.

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