Sure kanna cancel by MDA?

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[NRD2016] In Conversation with Sonny Liew – Comics ≠ Reading?! As part of our programme for National Reading Day, join us in Geylang East Public Library for a chat with local veteran comic artist Sonny Liew as we learn how comics can be relevant to fostering a reading culture. For aspiring comic artists, Sonny will also be sharing his personal insights on illustrating for Marvel and DC!

Sonny Liew is a comics artist, painter, and illustrator whose work include the New York Times best sellers The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye and The Shadow Hero (with Gene Yang). He has also worked on Doctor Fate (with Paul Levitz), My Faith in Frankie (with Mike Carey) and Malinky Robot, as well as other titles for Marvel Comics, DC Vertigo, and Image Comics. He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his art, as well as for spearheading Liquid City, a multivolume comics anthology featuring creators from Southeast Asia. He lives and works in Singapore.

How can he be allowed to talk in a public linrary after having a grant withdrawn for “adversely affect[ing] the reputation of the National Arts Council, any government bodies, public institutions, national leaders or (the applicant’s) organisation”*.

Left hand don’t know what right handing is doing isit? Why Liddat?


OK, OK: it’s sour grapes on my part. I didn’t know about this event until this morning,  and sadly registration to the talk is closed.

*The National Arts Council (NAC) has withdrawn a publishing grant for the graphic novel The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye on the eve of its Singapore launch because of “sensitive content”.

The council declined to elaborate on the reasons behind the decision to revoke the S$8,000 grant.

The experimental graphic novel by artist-illustrator Sonny Liew follows the story of comic-book artist Charlie Chan during the formative years of Singapore’s modern history. It weaves together fictional and historical elements, with nods to events and personalities in the nation’s history, such as Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, opposition politician Lim Chin Siong and Operation Spectrum, the so-called Marxist Conspiracy, in 1987.

In a statement, NAC’s senior director of the literary arts sector Khor Kok Wah said: “We had to withdraw the grant when the book The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye came out because its sensitive content, depicted in visuals and text, did not meet our funding conditions. The Council will continue to support and work with Epigram, a leading publisher of Singapore literary works, on other projects.”

Application guidelines for the grant state that NAC reserves the right to withdraw funding for reasons such as “illegal or negligent acts that occur during any point of the funded project, which will adversely affect the reputation of the National Arts Council, any government bodies, public institutions, national leaders or (the applicant’s) organisation”.



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