Expecting us to feel sorry for him?

In Financial competency, Financial planning on 31/07/2016 at 1:55 pm

Someone wrote to Gilbert Goh saying that he lost his 150k a year job to a FT prepared to accept 40% less. Losing my job was brutal for me financially since I am paying for 2 properties and a car.

I also have a S$100K unsecured loan debt which I took on to pay the deposit for my second home. My wife isn’t working and I have school going children. The first thing I did was to adjust my salary expectations up to 50%. Within 1 week I have applied to almost 500 jobs but none of them successful or called for an interview.

Sorry leh. In my book. someone only earning $150,000 a year, whose wife is not working,, with a car loan (presumably), kids, and having to borrow to finance his second property deposit, should not be tempting fate by “owning” two properties. At the very least, his wife should be earning $75,000 a year, and the deposit financed by savings before he and his wife even think of a second property.

But I feel sorry for him for having a S’porean wife (I assume she’s not a FT). If she’s the typical S’porean woman, she’ll be telling the world that she has a useless husband. I’ve seen too many cases of unemployed husbands being dissed by their S’porean wives. It’s a blood sport.



  1. If that’s what Singaporean wives do, then they are true to Singaporean form. No action, talk only. If they put the money where their mouths are, they would have divorce their husbands while they still have the money. Now that’s being cynical.

    • U forgot something. Where hubby got cash? Mortgaged to the eyeballs. So wife grins and grumbles.

      • I do wonder if the thing goes belly up, the wife gets hit with joint liability. Anyway Transitioning short of time and resource shouldn’t bother with these 6 figures guys. They should focus on those really in desperate straits.

  2. gilbert goh’s ex-sg wife and sg daughter relocated to sydney (oz) in 2005. both the ex-wife and daughter have probably taken up oz citizenships by now.

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