Uncle Redbean: PRCs not FTs

In Uncategorized on 31/07/2016 at 4:54 am

Yes it’s another adverse  (Seems like “Stamp on a Redbean week”) comment about Uncle Redbean but this time from a reader. Commenting on this, he wrote:

Another common RedBean rant is about FTs. I wonder if he includes China FTs. Or maybe FTs to him are only Indians and Pinoys. Seems like to him, PRCs do not scam, steal jobs, freeload or create public nuisance? Even for the Yang Yin case it seems? Problem is, if RedBean wants to be pro-oppie here he has to realise that part of the FT problem which makes up the main immigration issue is also displeasure against Chinese FTs and what they do here. Of course, he doesn’t or pretends not to.

The truly noisy minority appear to be dominated by 2 bands of people here. One, the pro-China/Chinese tradition uncles like RedBean/Phillip Ang. And two, the ape the west, Ang Mo Tuah Kee liberals. Occasionally, these two groups may overlap such as when it comes to cases like Amos, because ultimately, they have one thing in agreement which is PAP is always wrong. They otherwise have little in common and its not surprising that while singing their own tunes in between elections they do little to be in sync with what the voting population really expects from an opposition.

This is why ultimately, these 2 groups do not do the main bulk of the 30% opposition voters any justice despite being the noisiest of the lot.

The last para is something for me to reflect about. I always tot the teo groups constitute the 30%. anti-PAP vote.

  1. Take leave of cynicism for a moment, you will realise these 2 groups are a minority within a minority.

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  3. Redbean is just a piece of PRC commie lackey shit!

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