Schooling knows he won’t be cheered live

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Update at 2.oopm on 6 August: The u/m piece was written before MediaCorp realised that it has a ” social purpose” i.e. kanna do NS and we will be able to cheer Schooling etc.)

I lost interest in watching the Olympics years ago and so I didn’t really care that the Olympics won’t be telecast live. But after reading this:

Team Singapore’s national swimming coach Sergio Lopez is highly confident Singapore can snare its very first Olympic swimming medal in this year’s Games.

“It would be huge,” he told Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday (Aug 3). “I think it’s going to happen and I think it’s going to change Singapore, not just swimming.”

Schooling’s form has been strong. He had a morale boosting win over American rival Michael Phelps in June and Lopez said he has no fear about mixing it the best on the biggest stage.

“He knows he can be there. He’s not afraid of that. He’s excited about racing,” he said.


And this

Although broadcasts of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be delayed, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu said Singaporeans will find a “different way of celebrating” it, and can still catch up with the Games, albeit at a later time. Today

I went WTF!

A true blue S’porean swimmer (not a bunch of ping-pong playing  FT mercenary gladiators) has a chance of winning a medal in a major Olympic sport (not a minor Olympic sport like ping-pong) and the S’porean won’t have the benefit of knowing his fellow S’poreans are cheering him on live. And we won’t be able to see him triumph live. Only at a later time.

Uniquely S’porean.

Btw, left eye fixed, So far so good. Right eye’s turn coming later this year.



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