Mothership: Don’t cheapen Schooling’s gold medal

In Uncategorized on 14/08/2016 at 6:33 pm

Joseph Schooling actually *isn’t* our first-ever Olympic Gold medallist — Yip Pin Xiu is

Her Paralympic Gold is no less worthy of laud than his 🙂

For sports fans in particular, and the popilace at large, there is a big difference between an Olympic medal and a Paralympic medal. That is why there are the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. Horses for courses.

No disrespect meant towards Ms Yap but there is a difference between an Olympian and Paralympian,

Enough said, except that I’m sure the mothership writer should be working for TISG.

  1. Paralympians have to overcome a lot more than Olympic athletes. Many of them, especially those with muscular disorders will die within a few years of the games. Please do not belittle their achievements.

    • What annoys me is that in trying to get the public to recognise the achievements of those less than able bodied, inappropriate symbols have been appropriated that do the acievements of people like Ms Yap no credit. I mean Bladder Runner wanted compete in the Olympics and not the Paralympics.

      Thanks for telling me about their shorter life spans. Sad.

  2. You are too hard on the mothership reporter. I think he want us to remember that the paralympian also require alot of effort to achieve the gold. We should also appreciate their effort.

    Remember they also did not have much support from the government.

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