Schooling: the real heroes and the wagonjumpers

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Here I wrote, (saying I hope PM would thank them) about the real heroes of the story, Below are more details from a Facebook post about what his parents did and just as important details about the lack of Support from almost all Sporeans, (Note: I’ve not been able to identify the writer of the original post. Otherwise I’d have attributed the post. I’ll still attribute if I get a name.) [Update at 5.45pm: The writer it seems is one Nicholas Lee, a retiree.]

Update at 6.08am

FT (where “T” stands for “Talent”) and best-selling local author, Neil Humphreys, had these two great FB takes on politicans jumping on the bandwagon

You gotta laugh. Joseph Schooling’s homecoming news item on TV was seven minutes long. He spoke for the first time in the sixth minute, after four ministers of course.

[A MediaCorp veteran said: Don’t blame the ministers only…blame Mediacorp too…for giving them airtime !]

At this very difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with any ministers or MPs who’ve not yet had a chance to appear on TV to discuss Joseph Schooling.


Some Facts about Joseph Schooling, you decide for yourself

Joseph Issac Schooling, born in SIngapore. Father is a 3rd generation Singaporean of mixed English and Eurasian Portuguese heritage. Mother is a Malaysian Chinese who is a singapore PR. She has been living in Singapore for decades but has not taken up Singapore citizenship.

Went to ACS Primary school. After PSLE, his swimming potential was identified by the parents, and they decided to send him to the Jacksonville, Florida to attend the Bolles School, which is a school specializing in training atheletes, in particular swimmers. Bolles has had a swimmer alumnus or student competing in every Olympic games since 1972. Their swimming program was set up by Gregg Troy who was the US Olympic Swim coach for the 2012 Olympic games. Imagine your secondary school swimming coach is a former Olympic swimmer and coached Michael Phelps in the 2012 Olympics!! What a powerhouse your school would be in the pool. because he is an international student, Bolles has a boarding program for its foreign students. The cost of one year of school fees and room and board is USD $47,000. Guess how much the PAP and SNOC contributed to this amount. Zero would be a fair guess.

After he graduated from Bolles, he was offered a swim scholarship at University of Texas, one of the top 5 swimming programs amongst US universities. The Head Coach for the U of T swimming program is Eddie Reese, former head coach of the US Olympics swim team in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. If you know anything about the swim program, you know that nothing is left to chance. Professional full-time dieticians, sports psychologist, strenght and conditioning coaches, multi million weight rooms, etc are all part and parcel of what atheletes get when they go there. But even on a scholarship, its not cheap, with frequent travel to Singapore to compete in the SEA and Asian games and other social visits. Also, out of pocket costs and other costs in USD is also not cheap.

It was at this point when the big hooha between Schooling’s mother MINDEF took place over his deferment. After a protracted and public fight, where she used the news media to put pressure on the PAP, you know who won the fight. Unfortunately, in earlier times, without the aid of modern day internet and social media, many other atheletes were lost to NS and a short sighted govt. policy. The race driver Andrew Tang is an example of a failed request for NS deferment. Ang Peng Siong in an earlier time was another case.

So to sum it up……………..
The Schoolings and not the govt paid huge money to send Joseph to Bolles for his swim coaching and studies
The Schoolings and not the govt got the U of T scholarship for Joseph, even though it seems the PAP is giving full scholarships to every tom dick and harry FT
The PAP wanted to sabotage the whole thing by making him do NS at such a critical junction in his swim career, and it would have happened if not for his mother’s intervention.

The other Republic swimmer Quah Zheng Wen was not so fortunate that his family can send him to Bolles and hence is stuck with no name national coach carlos lopez, a bronze medallist in the Olympics and with the pathetic facilities in singapore. If Quah had the same opportunities, maybe we have 2 medals or more.

U decide how much credit the PAP should get. Then see how many of these assholes jump on the bandwagon until it breaks.

Some more Facts about Joseph Schooling, you decide for yourself Part 2

“I think it has to be said that as a nation, a people, a country, a govt., and as individuals, we did almost nothing to help Schooling get to the gold medal. We did not finance him, did not support him, the PAP chose not to groom and encourage this guy. Very little of our money went to training him, and providing him the necessary support, compared to the millions we lavish on 3rd class ungrateful atheletes from China and elsewhere. Not only did we not support him, we almost killed his career by making him do NS. When I say we, I mean the 70% of the morons that supported and elected the PAP. If his mother May did not fight MINDEF to get his deferment, he might still be in the SAF now doing NS. There was no mass petition from singaporeans calling for his deferment. there was no mass calling of the MPs to support him. There was no media support for him, and certainly no support from the Singapore National Olympics Committeefor his deferment. Instead, 2 angmos (one was his swim coach in U of T, Gregg Troy) and the other a technical director, Bill Swetenham of SSC, wrote in their support to ask for his deferment. Not one PAP asshole or Notable sinkie stood up for this boy.

But now that he won the Gold, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and be proud of him. I say that you don’t have that right. Singaporeans have not earned the right to claim the limelight with him. Where were they when he needed them? Sinkies are really pathetic hypocrites. Although I am born and raised in singapore, I am ashamed of our treatment of this boy, and I certainly cannot rejoice without a hint of embarassment that we as a people almost kill this great moment.”

  1. I remember reading about the High Performance Sports (HPS) system in Singapore. A search of the National Library resources revealed that HPS was rolled out in Feb 2013 which placed all the available schemes in a framework. ( Swimming has always been a focus area for Singapore sports. Hence, I believe JIS was already on the radar.

    If we dig a little more using the same search term, MCCY embarked on the Olympic Pathway Programme (OPP) in preparation for London Olympics 2012 to support Singapore’s top athletes. It is highly likely that JIS was already under the programme. ( /Singapore_High_Performance_Sports_System.aspx)

    Referencing the HPS Handbook available on the Singapore Swimming site ( , it is again highly likely that JIS is on this programme since inception with support provided to him minimally at carding level 2 (continental) and possibly at the highest tier 1 (international). The benefits accrued are all listed there. I suppose JIS is on the SpexScholarship international level of which there is a monthly stipend for overseas-based athletes.

    Ok, time to go to bed.

  2. from Nicholas Lee It seems

  3. “There was no mass petition from singaporeans calling for his deferment. there was no mass calling of the MPs to support him. There was no media support for him, and certainly no support from the Singapore National Olympics Committeefor his deferment. Instead, 2 angmos (one was his swim coach in U of T, Gregg Troy) and the other a technical director, Bill Swetenham of SSC, wrote in their support to ask for his deferment. Not one PAP asshole or Notable sinkie stood up for this boy.”

    The PAP brand is slowly sinking. The only thing they can do is press the other parties down to maintain the gap. Sad in the extreme.

  4. Who the fuck cares. JIS should convert to US citizenship after completing his UoT studies in 2018. After which he’s free of student-scholarship rules to sign on multi-million dollar sponsorship & advertising deals with big sports brands. US has a MUCH BIGGER market base compare to Singapore, and he’ll easily amass tens of millions of USD. If JIS remains as S’porean, not only will he be getting only relative pittance in monetary rewards, but even worse, he’s being used for political gains by people who don’t really give a fuck about him or his parents. Once his expiry date arrives, he’ll be discarded like a used condom by the PAP. Look at how Tan Howe Liang had & has to continue to scrabble daily to eke out his survival.


    So two years back still got cybernuts calling him FT. Now plenty of research into his life story to slime PAP for not paying for him? Why didn’t they check where he was born before calling him FT? Cybernuts did a lot to help him?

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