Will Gleneagles sandwich cost me a fortune?

In Uncategorized on 17/08/2016 at 4:33 am

But first: before I signed the SingHealth papers to go for cataract surgery, the doctor said that the success rate was 98% but things could go wrong. Fair enough.

But then I saw on Google this ad from a Mount E practice: 99.9% Surgical Success Rate By Highly Experienced Specialists

Thorough Counseling · Impeccable Service · Safest Treatment · Affordable Fees

Wonder how much more I would have to pay for this 99.9% rate of success. As “affordable as HDB flats”? LOL.

I had to go to Gleneagles because the operating doctor was doing surgery there on the earliest available date. I was told the charges would be the same when I asked if got extra charge*. But when I was given a sandwich, biscuits, a bottle of water and a hot drink after the operation at Gleneagles, I couldn’t help but worry that I’ll be charged private hospital rates for the food. LOL.

As for the procedure, and follow-up, I’m impressed.


*But the PRC looking and sounding gal apparently didn’t hand me some documents that the staff at Gleneagles needed, so the true blue S’porean SNEC staff based in Gleneagles had to do additional work, one of which was to make me sign another CPF Medisave form. Will have to check that there’s no double withdrawal,

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