Amos cracks great jokes

In Humour on 31/08/2016 at 4:38 am

Unlike Tharman,  PM and other PAP ministers.

I visited Amos’ FB page on Sunday and saw three great posts juz in the last two weeks. They made me laugh. They’ll make u laugh too. Don’t worry, no foul language.


Amos Yee’s planned list of illegal acts in Singapore:

2015 – Criticising the Government (Done)
2016 – Criticising religion (Done)
2017 – Skipping national service
2018 – Stepping on the national flag
2019 – Grafitti
2021 – Porn
2022 – Tax Evasion
2023 – Not Paying CPF
2024- Non-violent public protest
2026 – Taking marijuana
2030 – Hacking in and revealing private government files
2036 – trafficking marijuana/ attempting to sneak firearms into Singapore

(Death Penalty)


Joseph Schooling info:

Left Singapore and his secondary school Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) at 14 to go to America
Lives in: America
Speaking accent: American
Secondary School: Bolles School in Florida (America)
University: University of Texas (America)
Trains swimming: In America
Swimming Coach: Eddie Reese (American)
Swimming Inspiration: Micheal Phelps (American)

Singapore shouldn’t be proud of Joseph Schooling for winning the Olympic Gold, America should

[Hey Amos, in the US one gold medal is “peanuts”: nothing to get excited about.]


This should be printed and distributed by SDP

I hope he realises that he can be a good stand-up comic, and use his videoing skills to highlight in the West his talent. He can make money, serious money if he’s talent-spotted.

A good satire

15 funniest jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe


At the very least, he can be a good script writer for an ang moh comedy show.

Whatever, he may have got over his love of using foul language. Maybe he realises they’ve lost the power to shock people. They juz don’t ;listen.

A final tot. Maybe the ang moh tua kees who deserted him can commend him to their controllers in MI6 and the CIA, asking that MI6 and the CIA help get him a job in the comedy business?



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