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Here I wrote that I hoped that the publisher and author of The Art of Charlie Chan would do two graphic novels on Schooling. One would be constructive-nation building (which would have MoE ordering the book by the container-load), the other subversive.

Well my sources in the publishing industry tell me that a reputable publisher (I deliberately nit names the pub;isher) has received a picture book manuscript about the Schooling story.

So hopefully there’ll be something classy to commemorate the Schoolings’ achievement, not something cheap and cheerful to cash in on his fame.

Eurasians woz did it

His parents really believed that he could win an Olympic gold medal.

They borrowed money from the bank to fund his expenses.

Now race horse owners have been known to borrow to buy horses and train them, hoping that they’ll make money. But I’ve never come across an owner who’ll borrow the finance juz the one horse. They are not that reckless.

All this leads me to wonder what if the parents were not Eurasians (OK, OK I know May’s a true blue Chinese lady) but were Chinese, Indian or Malay: would Joseph have been funded? I suspect not.

Being a multi-racial and multi-cultutal society has its advantages.


Coming back to a subversive version of the Schooling story, maybe a better way of doing one is for a story in which Ang Peng Siong wins a silver or bronze Olympic medal and for him to then train Schooling to win a gold. The twist would be that all this happens in a S’pore where Lim Chin Seong won the 1963 GE and his is the ruling party since then (as in the Art of Charlie Chan).

Amos on Schooling

Joseph Schooling info:

Left Singapore and his secondary school Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) at 14 to go to America
Lives in: America
Speaking accent: American
Secondary School: Bolles School in Florida (America)
University: University of Texas (America)
Trains swimming: In America
Swimming Coach: Eddie Reese (American)
Swimming Inspiration: Micheal Phelps (American)

Singapore shouldn’t be proud of Joseph Schooling for winning the Olympic Gold, America should

Hey Amos, in the US one Olympic gold medal is “peanuts”: nothing to get excited about.

Amos cracks great jokes.


  1. Schooling already said he will live & stay & be based in US, rather than in Singapore. As long as Singapore provides funding and EASY AVENUE for him to compete in international events, he will continue holding pink NRIC. (Not so easy for him to get onto the US team due to the much tougher level of competition there)
    After 2020 he’ll review his options again to see whether to renounce pink NRIC or not.

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