Dogs really smart

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“They hitched themselves to us, which was a pretty good gamble as it turned out, because there are about a billion dogs in the world today and probably not even 10 million wolves.”

And this from BBC Online

Who’s a good boy?

It doesn’t make a front page lead, but it’s certainly a good tale.

Research from Hungary suggests dogs really do understand what their owners say – as long as they mean it.

“Scientists claim to have found proof that canines use both sides of their brains to understand the meaning and intonation of words in much the same way that humans process language,” the i reports.

The researchers tracked neural activity in dogs as they listened to commands from their owners.

Reward centre

The Times says that the study, published in the Science journal, revealed that when an owner said “good boy” or “well done”, the phrases lit up the reward centre in their dog’s brain much more powerfully if they were spoken in a gentle voice.

The i adds: “When meaningless words were spoken in an encouraging voice or praise was delivered in a neutral tone, the dogs did not register the same neural effect.

“Simply saying ‘good dog’ will not do the trick; the owner has to mean it.”

  1. Similar to how some people attach themselves to RC, PA, incumbent PAP MPs & ministers. This type of animal behavior has already been observed many thousands of years ago. Hence the Chinese term “running dog” or literal translation “walk dog”.

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