Your genes need regular 6-day holidays

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Make sure u take regular 6-day hols.

BBC Online reports

Banish the blues

The Daily Telegraph reports on a study that suggests the physical and psychological benefits of a holiday can last for a month after returning home.

Scientists discovered that “just six days away is enough to trigger genetic changes which dampen stress, boost the immune system and lower levels of proteins linked to dementia and depression”, writes the paper of the US study.

“Although previous studies have shown that getting away has a positive impact on mental health, the new research is the first to prove that a break can actually change how a person’s genes function.”

California dreamin’

The study involved 94 healthy women, aged between 30 and 60, who stayed at a retreat in California for six days, the Daily Mail reports.

Researchers collected blood samples and interviewed participants before and after their stay and compared the activity of 20,000 genes for signs of any alterations.

“Genes that are normally needed for dealing with injury, wound healing and stress were far less active immediately after the holiday,” the paper says.


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