LGBT flag has no pink and other Gay facts

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The above is the LGBTs’ “rainbow” flag. No pink. So why got “Pink Dot”?

Pink was in the original flag:

The eight different colours of Baker’s original flag each represented a different aspect of life. These were:

  • Pink – sexuality
  • Red – life
  • Orange – healing
  • Yellow- sunlight
  • Green – nature
  • Turquoise – art
  • Indigo – harmony
  • Violet – human spirit

The number of stripes was later reduced to six. Blue replaced turquoise and pink and indigo were removed.

It seems pink mayerial was not easy yo get hold off. And so was dropped. Remember in those days. there were no fat cat sponsors like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Google or Apple. Oayness was not respectable like today where big MNCs have to show that gay culture is part of corporate culture.

And why is “pink” associated with gays?

The pink triangle (German: Rosa Winkel) was one of the Nazi concentration camp badges, used to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality.


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