Zika: Blame the right ministry cybernuts

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But first:

China government catches corrupt officials. US and Europe catch terrorists. The Philippines catch drug dealers. Malaysia trying to catch No 1 boss.
Singapore govenment trying to catch mosquitoes.

(FB post)

It got this reply from my Facebook avatar:

Taz’s why 70% vote for the PAP. LOL. Better to have to deal with mosquitoes rather than corrupt officials, terrorists or drug dealers. LOL.

Yes we have problems, not juz trivial ones like Zika and a dysfunctional MRT line.

There is the huge problem of effecting peaceful change in a de-facto in a one party state when the PAP goes the way of the USSR communist or Chinese Communist parties.

OK, OK I know the cybernuts from TRE and TISG say that the PAP has already gone rogue,

But do we really have problems with corrupt officials, terrorists or drug dealers? The cybernut rats of TRELand and TISG say we have. Just go read what they say.

Talking of Zika, just like the cybernuts from TRE and TISG to blame the wrong ministry. They are screaming at MoH. TISG even went to allege that the NEA was unprofessional in the fight against Zika. 

But given that Zika is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, which also carries denguem if the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) and its NEA had really done its work on dengue prevention (preventing mosquitoes from breeding and zapping them), I’m sure we wouldn’t be in the words of the FT,

at the centre of the largest single outbreak of the disease in Asia, with the number of cases in the city-state rising to 275 this week, according to an update on Tuesday. 

Harry rise from yr grave, the mosquito zappers need eradication. And the Circle Line needs fixing.

Fix these things, and we’ll forgive you for creating the mess that the elected presidency is today. One of these days, I’ll post on why he and the PAP were too clever by half on this issue.

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