Statins work

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Side-effects exaggerated says study published in the Lancet, the leading UK medical journal

The truth about the cholesterol-fighting drug statins has finally been revealed, according to the front page of the Daily Mirror.

The paper reports on the findings of a major review published in the Lancet into the drugs which says claims they could cause problems including liver disease have been exaggerated.

It says fears over the side effects have led hundreds of thousands of patients to ditch the pills, “putting their lives at risk”.

Meanwhile the Daily Express says the number of people taking statins could rise to 12 million if the majority of men over 50 and women over 60 now took the drug as a precautionary measure.

The Times says people should be “reassured” by the review but adds the decision to take them should be “up to patients and their doctors”.

The paper says the study is “an attempt to lay to rest a long-running controversy”, but adds that “the credibility of medical science publishing is also at stake” to ensure patients get the right information.

BBC Online


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