Judge right about Amos’s ability

In Humour on 11/09/2016 at 4:37 am

Recently, I posted that Amos could crack great non vulgar jokes.

Last yr the High Court Judge in dismissing his appeal said that Amos is “obviously not a person without talent”, given his command of the English language, Justice Tay said: “I hope that Mr Yee will wean himself away from his preference for crude and rude language. Real debate and rational discussion on social issues can flourish in an environment of goodwill, reasoning and civil language.” CNA

To which I can only say “Heat, Hear”. And that the judge is spot-on on his judgment on Amos.

And there’s $ for slit-eyes doing up stand-up routines in Oz:


  1. Amos can put his point across far better than any PAP minister or MP. If he can ditch the profanity, they should all go to him for lssons.

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