FTs: Blame who?

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Other than the PAP administration, who else should be blamed for the flood of FTs here

What if workers are unprofitable?

Here’s something else to think about. Mike Ashley the boss and controlling shareholder of UK sports retailer Sports Direct is getting a lot of bad publicity in the UK because the co paid workers less than the minimum wage at the warehouse the co operates. Working conditions were also bad. Adding to these problems,  the co awarded lucrative contracts to his relatives.

But many of the people employed in the warehouse are not doing profitable work, reports the FT.

The  popularity of internet shopping is forcing retail chains to supplement their shops with large-scale industrial operations, where the economic calculations are uncertain and the best employment practices have yet to be worked out.

Some retailers, such as Sports Direct, have opted to build rudimentary facilities and employ an army of low-paid workers to take on the laborious task of picking low-value products from miles of warehouse shelves.

Some are automating but that involves huge amounts of capital up-front.


And are locals really that good?

Here I listed the problems that The Idiots — S’pore, or TISG as it prefers to be known, had in only employing locals and only paying them wages that mean they can only afford economy rice meals.

Well in addition to these problems: the locals can’t proof their work

The following is a Facebook post by Madam Ho Ching, head of Temasek Holdings and wife or Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

And are hopeless in grammar

Mr. Soon Chwee Guan – who is unemployed – had married Ms. Diao Yanmei in a marriage of convenience sometime in October 2012 for an initial sum of $4,000. Guy is dead.

His resignation was confirm by the party’s Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang, who asked that all queries pertaining to the resignation be directed to Mr Chen personally.


Who to blame? Greedy employers? FTs are cheap. Or lazy bums reading TISG or TRE and posting comments instead of working or looking for work.

Or both?

  1. In judging the PAP, we can only ask ourselves if they have done enough to give everyone a fair chance? Have they actively tried to remove certain barriers to the less privileged? What of those who were denied a first opportunity? Are they being given a second? If my child can only qualify for ITE, is there still a pathway for him in this country? I think you make your judgement on these things, really.

    But its a fact of life that in every country, there are people beyond hope. Either too deluded, lazy or unfocused to make good regardless of what the government policy is. This is not being judgmental or elitist. Its a fact. And it is also partially a fact that these people, being deluded, are the ones who expect way more than their talent, or diligence actually deserves. And this is making allowance for government policy as well. Even in a welfare state, you are going to get that freeloader who wants more. You can do away with FTs, but then you find that these people will be the bottom of the pile among the locals. They will still be the last choice. Any bad job market, they will still be the first among the locals to lose their jobs. And they will be there will the same complaints and gripes.

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