Failed: Obama’s Asian policy

In China on 15/09/2016 at 5:31 am

On the eve of Obama’s recent trip to Asia, the FT analysed his “Pivot to Asia” policy. It was not a flattering piece.

In the comments these (among money) appeared pouring more scorn on him and his Asian policy.


I hardly believe that anyone of substance will pay much attention to Mr. Obama and his seemingly thoughtful comments knowing fully well that he cannot deliver. Rhetorics like those of Mr. Obama usually falls flat in Asia amidst basic bread and butter issues. When you load polluted air and water into the equation, the place started to resemble cesspool of human existence. It is hardly a place to nod your head in agreement with in appropriate Pbama speech laced with lofty ideas. He never learned that and that’s why most of these leaders would be either resentful being in his company or laughing behind him. This is a tragedy of Greek proportion.

I feel bad for the guy but I cannot offer any sympathy for his gross leadership failure across the board. His ill-preparation and execution of the US presidency will go down as one of the worst. His cowardice is astounding. If I were him I would not speak about any pivot business. I would just attend some social and philanthropic functions.

He has become the ultimate symbol of unfulfilled promise.

Hear, hear.

 Hollow Man 

@NCFOM Nicely said! As someone who voted for him in 2008 (but stayed home in 2012) I’ve thought back to what made me do it. I’ve concluded it was just the brazen mendacity of the GWB Administration, nothing more. McCain, then still foaming in the mouth with war lust, was a variant of that.

But of Obama himself, I knew little. I have watched in disbelief as he moved gradually, incrementally, professorially, unimaginatively, unexceptionally, these last eight history-bending years. Even his “lofty”, “soaring” oratory is really cut-rate stuff, just curlicues in the air that dribble away no sooner than they have been uttered. (There isn’t a line from any of his speeches that can compare with the best from FDR, JFK,even  RR.) He has spent all of 2016 polishing his unmemorable legacy. And he leaves the country in a sourer, more mean-spirited mood than at any time I can remember.

Or this may be all I can expect from my adoptive country. I only have to remember the seventeen candidates who stood on the stage in the Republican primary debates…

But Obama poked China in the eye wuth this comment when China failed to give him VVIP treatment.

“We’ve got a lot of planes, a lot of helicopters, a lot of cars and a lot of guys,” he said. “If you are a host country, sometimes it may feel a bit much.”

This is interesting:


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