In Political governance on 22/09/2016 at 4:52 am

The above from a certified cybernut could sadly be prophetic.

The way the PAPpies are behaving (Think the changes to the contempt of court laws and the proposed changes to the elected presidency. Think of the Pet minister’s, Queen Jos’s and Ong Ye Kung’s comments on the latter. They make “Lying Hilary’s” untrustworthy and shifty explanations of emailgate sound pretty straight forward and simple to understand.), Oxygen, a certified cybernut may be a looney who just happens to have a prophetic insight.

Oxygen is a Nantah grad who fled to Oz in the 70s or early 80s  but because he regrets not getting a cheap HDB flat (he can’t get over the injustice), he still has S’pore in his mind despite becoming a New Citizen in Oz many yrs ago. He’s not poor and he’s no cheap skate. He donated $10,000 to keep TRE going before GE 2015.

If he really believes that change from within is impossible, why did he donate money to keep TRE alive? He should have used the money to buying arms and bombs for the S’pore Liberation Army.

He had a Pauline conversion since then? Before the GE, he believed that change was possible.

Opps I forgot, cybernuts are like M Ravi, moods always changing.


In response to this, he wrote

September 18, 2016 at 9:16 pm (Quote)
CI, FOR ALL YOUR DECEPTIVE DANCES OF THE WOLF is great when you agrees with this call from Dr Ang Yong Guan

Dr Ang Yong Guan:You spoke about building a compassionate and inclusive nation in your speech. Make it happen. Bring the 30% on board not by pushing them to a corner and create an “us” versus “them” mentality. Embrace their diverse views, engage them in robust debates and create an even-playing political field. Win them over. As I have said before: “People are patriotic, keep that patriotic flame going strong by including them and NOT excluding them.”

The only problem of inevitable trapped dilemma for the PAPpys must be if they grudgingly relent to robust debates and even-playing political field in the public space is this quagmire and quicksands

– their rubber tyre of lies, fantasy and propaganda wear out faster on the road of truth faster than they can change their wheel of meandering river of endless lies, scams and deception

– even secondary school kids can trap them into embarrassed corner of no reply or disingenuous response of “what do you think”

– each can of worms unveiled opens up more cans of worms

– no political saints in their own tribe will sacrifice his paychecks on the altar of their own catcalls of hara kiri demands for unacceptable momumental policy design and implementation disaster

– voters lose respect for the whole tribe such that they may find it uncomfortable to wear the hypocritical virginity white in future election walkabouts and replace that with vibrant red of change advocacy instead (SDP needs to register for copyright protection now)

History needs to be re-written and legacy shamed and

finally of course, entrenched corrupt interest of “meritocratic” cronies of super mortals cultivation within the same tribe will revolt of change necessary for progress – some even think peasants “bo tua bo soy” (no big no small) almost sounding like scolding soya sauce.





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