Tots of an anti-PAP cybernut

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When TRE republished something of mine a few days ago, certified cybernut Oxygen screamed SO I SAY CHANGE FROM WITHIN IS WISHFUL THINKING – it won’t happen

Now he has posted this implying that change can come from within when the economy collapses:


PHILIP ANG, I SEE ECONOMY is the decider in the next GE. If it flips over into a downward spiral, I don’t think even all civil servants vote one-way if they got siblings walking the street with underwater mortgage and begging them day and night at the door to save them.

Deutsche bank said 35 years of bond bull market has ended – I see a lot of evidences that speaks of the same conclusion.

Sinkieland craze for properties is just impossibility of believing for me – AFTER PAST TENSE WARNED IN JANUARY 2010 – WE GREW THE LAST 5 YEARS SOLELY BY IMPORTING FOREIGN LABOR.

In crude terms, we live in ICU survival fed by foreign cheap lab – our is a structural quagmire of EXISTENTIAL CRISIS – threatening us since 2005.

And yet without the basic minimum economic fundamental of a viable economy generating income and sustainable growth, HOW CAN PROPERTY PRICE RISES in a fiction except by artificial stimulation of restricted supply which PAPpy did successfully?

Just ask those who bought in 2007 @Reflections at Keppel Bay or Oceanfront@ Sentosa who bought in 2007 to 2010 this question – HOW DID YOU LOST SO MUCH MONEY AFTER HOLDING FOR 6 TO 9 YEARS when the economy was growing FASTER THAN CURRENT?

They all bought into the INFLATED BUBBLE!!

We got the GFC 2008/2009, the Government pumped in $20.6 billion or roughly 9.6% of our GDP base then – to prevent the economy sinking 9.6% or more. How? The politically-euphemistic war cry of “resilience package” HELPS WHO?
It was wage/costs of business subsidies to EMPLOYERS so that they won’t sink and retrenched massively with dire collateral damage of the economy. It is like a house on fire and the entire fleet of fire engines from all stations were sent into the rescue effort. The economy barely breathing of survival – which is what PAST TENSE WARNED IN 2010.

YET CRAZY SINKIES CHASED PROPERTIES AGAINST, like a new dawn of heaven..and it is party on again. GFC was a circus show.



Ask yourself this question – when the next GFC comes, how many of those underwater property still underwater or they died from drowning if retrenchment escalates?

When that moment comes, a lot of voters still surviving and living hands to mouth will finally wake up – WE NEED CHANGE AND FIND NEW DIRECTION FOR SURVIVAL or DIE.

THE STATUS QUO IS GOING INTO THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY. This is my easiest bet with anyone.


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These rants remind me of following I read in a letter to the Economist
the content is mostly low-cost opinion pieces, while the “facts” upon which those opinions are based are copied from outside sources. Quoting “facts” from other mainstream media, and assuming they have done their research, is the media equivalent of Donald Trump’s post-truth line: “A lot of people are saying…”
Looks like he has mood swings like that certified looney M Ravi. Is Oxygen bi-polar too?
Philip Ang had criticised this saying that the PAP had an inbuilt majority of 50 something % that could not be broken (He obviously forgot about Aljunied Hougang and Punggol East). A response which never got an answer was

Cybernut Investor:

The logical conclusion of this cybernut’s rant is that the PAP cannot be defeated via the ballot box.

So why doesn’t this nut either emigrate (even PRC doeasn’t want him?)or take up arms or just sit down and shut up/

Answer, he’s a cybernut.

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I asked Philip Ang this question, to which I never got a reply:

Why do u lie Philip Ang? U wrote: “(I am quite amused by CI who seems more irrational by the day when he expects Dr Chee to retire because “the problem is that 60 -70% of S’poreans have problems with Dr Chees’s history and character””

Why did u leave out the next sentence: “Sad really that Dr Chee refuses to retire.” which shows I don’t expect him to retire. U related to that other liar Ng Kok Lim who misquoted Chin Peng to slime me?

Or maybe u jus plain illiterate in English juz as u are in finance. Remember u once said the yield from London properties can be ignored in computing returns, at a time when Arabs and others were buying London properties for the yield?



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