Trump, media manipulator extraordinaire

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Large images of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are seen on a CNN vehicle, behind asecurity fence, on September 24, 2014, at Hofstra University, in Hempsted, New York. The university is the site of the first Presidential debate on September 26, between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. / AFP PHOTO / PAUL J. RICHARDSPAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

(Images of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on a television vehicle at Hofstra University, in Hempsted, New York, venue for the first Presidential debate. Sums up where I think they both should be.)

Later today, Trump the Donald and the “truthful hyperbole” King, and Lying, Crooked Hilary will debate or rather talk cock sing song.

Expect Trump to win big by entertaining the audience like one Reagan did many yrs ago: Mr Trump grasps a truth about today’s low-trust democracy that still eludes others. People want to be entertained. His mangling of the facts and distorting of the truth sadly won’t matter. It didn’t matter then, But Reagan ended up as a great president, though I doubt the Donald will.Reagan was a good governor of California, something the liberal media ignored.

A few weeks ago the FT carried a piece on Trump the media manipulator

“It was clear to me that Trump had his own vision of how to be nominated. It was not a vision I shared. He never took a single poll, he was shooting from his gut the entire time — no analytics, no targeting, no paid media of any kind. He decided to bet the ranch on a communications strategy that consisted of doing as many interviews as you could jam in one day, then framing his rallies as media events that enticed the cable channels to cover them in a kind of commercial worth millions of dollars that we don’t have to pay,” he says. “I didn’t think that could work.”

Roger Stone, Trump’s longest-surviving confidant tot it wouldn’t work and he’s an expert. Stone was a self-described “dirty trickster” for Richard Nixon’s infamous Creep (Committee to Re-elect the President), a campaign that culminated in the Watergate scandal.

But Hilary has done on a comedy show to get a little practice on entertaining the audience.

Btw, the FT article had this bit about Nixon whom LKY admired (actually so do I too)

that in life when things don’t go your way, when you get knocked down, again and again, instead of quitting, you dust yourself off and start again.

“That’s the way Nixon was. He does not come from privilege. His gangster, bootlegger father is not buying him the presidency [as Stone alleges that Joe Kennedy did for JFK when he defeated Nixon in 1960]. Elites are soft — they don’t have the belly for the long fight. They didn’t want to see Vietnam to the end. There is also the subtext of inherited wealth.”

  1. If a Trump Presidency is really meant to be, then don’t fight it, I’d say. Like Brexit, I don’t think its going to be that bad to most of us, except to those who really matter and expect sweeping changes immediately.

    First off, Trump’s a businessman and salesman, a capitalist who made his fortune from the very America he claims is no longer great. Whenever I’ve read or watched him, he’s as old school meritocracy as your typical PAP minister. He believes in a top education, hard work, achieving success. I have been unable to fully understand why the so called hillibilly white folk think of him, a Wall Street shark, as their new champion. I suspect what many wanted, was Bernie Sanders as President, not Trump.

    But maybe I am just ignorant. Nonetheless, I believe hes saying a lot of things to win votes now, but when it comes, it will be like Brexit. Slow, ponderous, incremental change. There will be people who benefit, but what with his own flip flopping and the blocking from Congress, I expect a lot of stalemate.

    And guess what,the biggest losers of all will be the ang moh cybernuts who thought he was their saviour. The racists, the white ang moh tua kees, the malcontents and the loudmouths. They will realise they are not getting what they want, because like it or not, the world today is far more complex than that. Winning the popular vote may bring short term joy to these people, but I believe again, like Brexit, it will lead to long term disappointment.

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