Restructuring CPF so that the money never runs out before death

In CPF, Humour on 04/10/2016 at 5:54 am


From FT

The above made me think that if the PAPpies are really that smart (as they say there are), and evil (as the cybernuts say they are) CPF should be restructured so that a S’porean will be allowed to live for as long as there is money in his or her account. When the annuity stops because there is no more money left in the account, the S’porean like Boxer gets send to the slaughter-house.

It’s a more sophisticated (albeit more in line with Harry’s thuggish ways of using his hatchet) version of what I’ve suggested before: that if the PAP is really pragmatic it would follow the solution in  the movie Soylent Green. Us plebs are encouraged to move on and our bodies then made into food for the other plebs.





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