What if Tharman had been the Grinch, not Santa?

In Political governance on 06/10/2016 at 6:55 am

The Grinch.png

I agree absolutely with long-time Singapore political observer Bridget Welsh who said Tharman’s popularity

“stems from his support of spending for social welfare and services…

My question for those who think the light shines from Tharman’s ass (but who are otherwise rational) is, “Would they want him to be PM if he had been Scrooge? If there had been more GST increases and less welfare spending?

Marley's Ghost-John Leech, 1843.jpg

I mean who was the Finance Minister who raised GST two points from five to seven percent?

He’s been Santa since then because PAP administration decided to be generous. It wasn’t his decision alone.

Rational S’poreans who want Tharman to be PM should take note that even cybernuts want him to be PM. To me this shows that the the wish for Tharman to be PM has irrational foundations.

DPM Tharman should respect the people’s wishes

Aye Tharman, why you like that one, you got clear mandate** from the people but also don’t want be PM. You say you not PM de ‘liao’ and not interested, but how you know when you never even try leh?**

One of the readers of The Idiots — S’pore (or TISG as it likes ro be known), no idiot he wrote in Facebook:

He may b the best amongst them but he certainly is no different from them. When u have been immersed in secretive n know your position cultural environment for so long, there is no way u can avoid these.

I hope his groupies who think the light shines from Tharman’s ass realise that the light from his ass is the light from an in-coming train, not the end of PAP hegemony; and not fantasise about how good life would be under him.

Let me clear, I’m not anti- Tharman. I think Tharman would make a decent PM , but so would Khaw.

I suspect the real reason why the cybernuts and the many rational S’poreans who vote “Anyone but the PAP even if he’s a looney, crook or Goh Meng Seng” want him as PM is because he’s an Indian. To them an Indian PM would be giving the finger to the PAP who still says S’pore is not ready for a non-Chinese PM.

A form of racism as despicable as that of the PAP, methinks.


*Bridget Welsh went on:

and management of the economy, as well as his ability to bridge groups as a more liberal and open leader compared to his peers”*.

But “as an elite-orientated party, the PAP categorically rejects selection by popular opinion,” said Welsh, a Southeast Asian politics expert at the National Taiwan University.

“Tharman is too liberal, too popular, and an ethnic minority – all features that do not fit with today’s hardline PAP,” she added.

**What clear mandate? Since when have surveys esp by  The Idiots — S’pore

***The certified cybernut went on

 I remember last time you say when you very young, you didn’t know what is your ambition, now also suka suka become DPM, just one level higher also don’t want. You also not very old, Trump, Clinton and Sanders all older than you but they also want to be USA president. Now only ask you be PM of Singapore also kpkb? Singapore cabinet ageist is it?

Also I see you quite fit leh, confirm can live very long one. But you rather let one of the other not-as-experience people become PM. All of them not as charismatic as you, not as yandao as you and lack much standing internationally. I know alot of opposition also want you become PM. Only you can gel all Singaporeans together.

Imagine you let one of the others become PM, PAP will confirm lose support and Singapore will become more divisive politically. You want that to happen meh? Or you become PM first la, you can still mentor them, then when one of them earn enough respect from the people then you step down also no problem what.

I also dunno why LHL want to have minority president to prove meritocracy, but this will only be tokenism. But if you become PM, this will be the epitome of true meritocracy of Singapore. I think you lan lan must become PM lah!

Frustrated Chinese Singaporean

  1. does his wife still have a jap passport ?

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