Adventures of FT dog stuck here in WWII

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An awesome WWII story of an English China-born dog that was stuck here.

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A post from a FB close group

An important part of history not many in Singapore knew. Picked up this book by chance at the library today. Fantastic read, couldn’t put it down.

A remarkable English dog, born in Shanghai, became a naval ship dog, soon landed on Singapore Keppel Harbour during WW2, she came to serve in Singapore during the war but instead Singapore was swiftly attacked, she survived the Japanese bombings on their ship which sank, became POW in Sumatra, survived Japanese brutalities, was sneaked back into Singapore by her companions whom she also loyally protected against the Japanese, the bunch were again shipped to Sumatra to work on the death rail before finally being liberated and sent back to Singapore again to be sent home to Britain via Singapore’s port.
The world’s only POW dog and her fate with Singapore is surprising & miraculous that she survived the horrible war with her companions.
Read the book or more info about her amazing story here:…/judy-the-dog-who-became-a-prisoner-of-…

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