Three cheers for FAS’s cynicism

In Footie on 09/10/2016 at 9:41 am

I’m very happy that Fandi will be responsible for local youth football. See below* a comment by Edwin Tong MP who I did not realise until I read the FB u/m post was involved with the FAS.

But I cannot help but think that the bad publicity the FAS has been receiving over

— the proposed changes to its constitution;

— an AGM that was over almost as soon as it started;

— that there will teams contesting to run the FAS**and

— the “peanuts” ($70,000 a year) being spent on local footie compared to the high salaries of the top five officials (around $1.5m a year) and the millions amount spent on the Lions XII (money well spent in my view),

was responsible for this piece of good news for local football.

FAS needed some good publicity and what better way than to wheel out kampong boy made good who then fell on hard times and then recovered (whether with or without FAS’s help has been a point of contention and bad blood between the two***), and now has a FAS pension.

What do u think?

Here’s another question: Is Mah Bow Tan (Remember his 1998 call for S’pore to play in the 2010 World Cup?) advising China on its bid to win World Cup by 2031? This tot struck me when I read a BBC report that Chinese fans are outraged that China lost to Syria lessening its chances of playing in the next World Cup T



*Edwin Tong
5 hrs ·
TNP website
I am very glad that we have managed to agree a long term deal with Fandi, to have him oversee youth football in Singapore over the next few years. In all our discussions, it was always made clear that the FAS wanted him to stay. And on his part, as he says, his heart was always set on staying, even as many good offers came pouring in for him. He grew up in the kampongs here. Didn’t start with much, but made such a difference to Singapore football when he was playing in the fabled No.17 shirt. Now, we look forward to Fandi inspiring a whole new generation of young, talented and precocious footballers in Singapore. All the best!

**Those of us who had dealings with Bill Ng in his stockbroking days can testify that he is a talk cock sing song artiste, No Action, Talk Only. He’s carried this over to footie mgt: witness his so-called bid for the storied Rangers FC, and the absence of his slate to run FAS at the AGM. He’s a used car salesman.

I predict that his slate will not materialise.

***For what’s it worth, I think FAS did help him financially. But he tot he deserved more.On that point I don’t know.

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