Are PAPpies and cybernuts related?/ Andrew Loh’s bill dissected

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Maybe the u/m from FT will explain why Queen Jos and Andrew Loh sound so alike in their whackiness? The former appears to believe that sex is meant for procreation only and the other seems to swallow, hook ‘line and sinker the PAP spin that public healthcare is cheap*. On the latter as I’ve wriiteh here

Going by what Andrew Loh has written, anti-PAPpies repent and say “Vote PAP” when they see that their medical bills are peanuts? LOL

David Dunning and Justin Kruger received an Ig Nobel prize in psychology for their discovery that incompetent people rarely realise they are incompetent; the Dunning-Kruger effect is now widely cited. FT

(More on this effect.)

*When TRE republished this, a cybernut asked a rational question: was there over-priced billing in the first instance.


ANDREW LOH IS DEFINITELY NOT WRONG OF HIS FINANCIAL STATISTICS – it is his actual billing. But what he didn’t ask of obvious is this – was there over-priced billing in the first instance.

I saw a scanned copy of SGH’s colonoscopy bill of another – there was TWO facilities charges for one surgical procedure done – that is, there is a facilities charge for waiting area and another facilities charge for procedural surgery. The latter is comprehensible but the former (facilities charges sitting in the waiting room waiting to be call in for actual procedures) is mind-boggling. Why not also charge “facilities charge” for the patient’s relative sitting there waiting as well?

So the issue is the total billing and its details – the discount is rubbery fantasy of illusion -and of course the final billing. If Andrew Loh has expired all his Medisave account, HE WOULD STILL HAVE TO PAY THE AMOUNT OUTSTANDING OUT OF HIS POCKET.

Draining the balances of his CPF Medisave account must mean he has to top that up soon or sometime in the future. IT IS SEMANTIC OF ADVANTAGE ILLUSION – a bill is a bill and needs to be settled – one way or another unless it is free of universal health care like Medicare in Down Under.

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There was another nut who also had a fit of sanity:


What was in the Bill is true, the devil is in the detail. It (the bill) does not reflect the detail of how they come about (summarized).
1). The maximum daily deduction per day in “C-class” X 7 days
2). The deductible for “C-class.
3). The half of 15% co-payment.
Now there is another NEW category (I can’t remember), even a few $$$ can be deducted from our Medisave.
Andrew is not WRONG, they change and change until we are confused.
The QUESTION is WHY (they change).

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  1. Singapore’s high medical costs are mainly due to expensive medical equipment and staff costs (even with 80% foreigner nurses & 50% foreigner doctors in restructured hospitals). If we use 90% Sinkie nurses & doctors, govt budget for healthcare will be 15%-20% like in UK, US, Oz.
    C and B2 bills cannot even cover the salaries of foreign nurses, let alone the doctors’ salaries, medical equipment, consumables, drugs, imputed rent, etc.

    Total hospital bill for CABG (coronary bypass surgery) at 75th percentile:-
    Natl Heart Ctr (SGH) C-class — $5,200
    Natl Heart Ctr (SGH) A-class — $41,500
    For private hospital like Mt E it will be at least $80,000.

    Andrew’s bill for his CABG of $4,900 is about ballpark for C-class.

    What I find can be improved is Andrew’s billing for angiography. Even with overnight stay, it should be about $2,500 in total, and not $4000.

    It became expensive for Andrew becoz SGH is charging him the procedure for PTCA (artery ballooning). But becoz it was a failed procedure, SGH could have waived more of its charges on good faith, particularly since Andrew was to follow up with his CABG operation in-lieu of the PTCA failure.

    As for the comments by N.Jungne extracted from TRE above:
    1. Andrew didn’t show the actual billing for his CABG, only the Medisave deduction notice which of course doesn’t show all the details about daily claimable limits and deductibles and co-payments etc. You’ll need Andrew to show the actual bill AND the Medishield statement for all that.

    2. Btw it wasn’t all 7 days in C-class ward — it was 4 days in C-class ward, and another 3 days in ICU & high dependency (HD) ward. Andrew didn’t breakdown how many days in ICU and HD ward. Both ICU & HD ward are single class (same ward & facilities whether you’re A-class patient or C-class patient). But C-class patient gets the subsidies while A-class patient doesn’t. However consultants & registrars tend to push C-class patients quickly out of ICU & HD ward as long they won’t die immediately. Unspoken hard truth in Singapore’s hospitals.

    Of course daily claimable for ICU and HD are higher than for general ward.

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