Do yr MBA at Queensland U

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Really bang for your buck: Median salary for newly minyed MBA is US$120,000 versus total course fee of US%50,000.  But there’s a tiny catch: longer work experience needed (mean of 12 yrs) which could explain the start pay.

  1. Ehhh devil is in the details & you’re reading the details wrong…

    Bang for buck has to be computed based on increase in salary per dollar of tuition spent. In other words, for every dollar spent on your MBA, how much % or $ increase in your salary??

    In that regard, Queensland U scored quite low, even though it is the cheapest MBA, becoz their graduates’ salary increase after getting their MBA is only 12%. Even the 2nd lowest salary increase is 55% jump (INSEAD).

    And the average of 12 yrs work experience is not a requirement. Rather it is a profile of the MBA students in Queensland U. They actually require just 4 yrs work experience including 2 yrs of supervisory/managerial experience.

    Basically what it says is that young Oz fuckers are not interested in pursuing MBAs until they are already old fuckers quite established in their careers and already having relatively high incomes. In other words, they are already peaking when they embark on their MBAs — that’s why their post-MBA salary increase is just a miserable 12%. An increase that could be achieved by job-hopping instead of paying US$49,000 and swotting for 2 years.

    In fact the most bang for buck MBA in the list is HEC Paris with a 153% increase in salary and a 2nd lowest tuition fee of US$67,000. However this could be due to local factors i.e. frenchy elites working in Paris govt & finance, that is not universal and cannot be replicated in other cities of the world.

    • Like way u calculated relation between income gained and cost. )))

      • 2nd nature after years of balancing between costs & saving lives in hospitals. Is it worth for the hospital/MOH incurring additional $xx million for an improvement in probable outcome by 5%?? Usually no.
        That’s why C-class patients often get short shrift and a much higher proportion of them who are critically ill and/or elderly get family conference counselling to put them on Do Not Resuscitate status (DNR: no active effort to save if patient goes into heart failure or collapses) or to pull the plug on ventilator or forgo tube feeding / total parenteral nutrition i.e. starve them to death.
        Forget about the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors aren’t angels and what goes on in hospitals make for interesting movie drama material.

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