Even Trump’s customers don’t like him

In Uncategorized on 19/10/2016 at 4:39 pm

From NYT Dealbook

Products bearing Donald J. Trump’s name, on display at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York. Many voters, alarmed by the tenor of Mr. Trump’s campaign, have stopped buying such items.

The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customers

Small, inconspicuous acts of rebellion have taken aim at perhaps the candidate’s most prized possession — his brand name — by boycotting what he’s selling.

  1. I decided to drop by old uncle RedBean’s blog to see what he says about Trump. Lol. He must not be thinking straight. He, and the cybernuts on his blog are so far waxing lyrical about how great Trump is.

    When Trump is elected, I hope dear uncle RedBean enjoys how he fixes China by labelling them a currency manipulator. Maybe he will like it even more when Trump defaults on US national debt, much of which is owed to guess who? China, lol.

    I’m glad I don’t visit RB’s blog that often anymore. He’s really an old, disatisfied grump talking through his ass and trying to have it both ways on everything. Not the way to live out your golden years man.

  2. Trouble with these pro China old men is, they should have no business supporting either in the American election. Clinton brings with her problems for China, but so will Trump. In fact it was Trump who said that if China grows at 7%, we are screwed because we grow only 1%, or something along that lines.

    What these uncles want is a strong China at the expense of a weak US. Both Trump or Clinton, perhaps even more so Trump, want to change that. So for these old farts to be mouthing off, I really don’t understand.

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