Why no outcry about this tragic, unnecessary death?

In Humour on 20/10/2016 at 4:42 am

I’m surprised that TISG (or as it’s popularly known “The Idiots — S’pore”. To be fair, it’s had about six “idiot free” weeks broken only when a tua kee contributor was publicly annoyed with a misleading headline tp his article.), TOC (TOC only cut and paste a ST article on this death), SgDaily, Wandering Vagabond and other tua kees in the alternative media are not saying some official(s) should be held responsible for this death.

Why were they not listening to the voices of concerned, upset S’poreans and amplifying these voices? They were silent. Why liddat?

After all, the death occurred because there had been a decision to conduct a health screening and then action by public servants:

“The cow was roaming around happily. So what killed it? A health screening!”

The life of the Coney Island cow ended came to an unlucky end this week, when he failed to wake up after a routine veterinary check-up.

Officials said he had likely died of heart and lung complications while necessarily sedated.

I mean the life of a local cow doesn’t matter isit? Or do the alternative media think it’s an FT so doesn’t matter? Yes it’s a cow from an Indian breed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a true blue S’porean like our Tamil brothers and sisters. I mean we are OK with Tharman being a PM but not OK with an ethnic Indian cow isit, alternative media tua kees?



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