Rising property prices no good?

In Property on 22/10/2016 at 10:48 am

What do you think?

Read this article from NYT’s Dealbook and decide if the rise and rise of property prices (OK stalled now) has been good for society here?

In making up your mind pls remember

— the PAP administration’s assertion that selling HDB flats at “lower” prices is raiding the reserves and

— that after the Oppo won four seats in 1991, the PAP started the asset enhancement policy. Among its stated objectives was to make the price of HDB flats cheong so that when old, S’poreans can cash out and downgrade. Cashing out time has come: really can cash out now meh?

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The Price of Australia’s Real Estate Boom

Rising property prices have made society appear richer while leaving it worse off.

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