When we share roads with robot cars

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It will be a nightmare. Traffic will be gridlocked. There’ll be fights and in the US, killings.

A robot car’s

sensors could decide that it’s only safe to overtake when there’s no oncoming traffic at all. On a busy road at school home time, this may be never, leading to increasingly exasperated passengers and increasingly angry drivers queuing behind.

And how will a robot car nudging out from a T-junction into oncoming traffic be able to make the necessary eye contact with a human driver?

Actually, humans are the danger

Google’s test cars have now racked up more than two million fully-autonomous miles of driving on public roads in California, Arizona, Texas and Washington, reporting a handful of minor accidents to the Californian authorities.

Interestingly, quite a few of these accidents have involved human-driven vehicles going into the back of the Google cars, suggesting perhaps that the ultra-cautious robots, with safety as their first priority, are more timid in their approach than we’re used to.

  1. Actually the Financial Time’s style and design guru, and resident poser, Tyler Brule had a much better critique of self drive cars.

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